A Happy Thought

A surrogacy journey begins with the happy thought of extending the intended parents’ family. In essence, this idea is what motivates women to become surrogates.  They will carry the intended parents’ baby, and once the child is born the baby goes home with his/her parents.


A Surrogate’s Purpose

Doing anything that could hinder the possibility of a successful journey is contrary to a surrogate’s purpose. Most IPs have already gone though many struggles to become pregnant themselves.  Surrogates are there to support and enable family creation as they ease their intended parents’ anguish. They are the hero in the IPs’ story.

A Surrogate’s Sacrifice

Once a surrogate has been matched, medical professionals will ask her to abstain from having sexual intercourse and begin medication.  During this time her body is preparing for the embryo transfer, which also enhances her probabilities of becoming naturally pregnant.  Therefore, surrogates willingly stop having sex during the time mandated by the doctor. The willingness also comes from the respect that surrogates have for the intended parents and the future family they are helping create.

Apart from the personal and moral conviction surrogates have, all surrogates and intended parents must sign the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement (GSA) that states:

“not to have sexual intercourse form the first day of her menstrual cycle before the embryo transfer until the date that pregnancy has been confirmed by the IVF physician.”

Bringing Family Moments to Life

Omega Family Global chooses surrogates who are compassionate, loving, and selfless.  Intended parents can rest assured that their dream of extending their family will come true.