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Omega Family Global’s team members are ready to help newcomers communicate with the world of surrogacy.  Knowing how to use keywords and who to use them with is critical to developing solid and successful relationships with any group of people.  This blog discusses key surrogacy terms while giving a quick overview of how surrogacy works.

Choosing Surrogacy

Those who choose surrogacy to have a baby are called intended parents (IPs).  Agencies help intended parents find a healthy surrogate, coordinate legal and medical aspects of the journey and ensure that the intended parents’ child will return home safely.  If IPs choose OFG they will be assigned a point of contact called a Surrogacy Adviser.  

Women who apply to become surrogates or gestational carriers with OFG will contact an agency through intake coordinators who are members of the recruitment department. The team is responsible for making sure that the candidate meets all the requirements.  As the candidate moves forward, the intake coordinators create her surrogate profile that contains her personal information obtained through interviews, medical records, and a criminal background check.  This profile will be shown to intended parents who are looking for a surrogate.

Matching Surrogates With Intended Parents

The Surrogacy Adviser has a keen eye to identify which surrogate should meet which intended parents.  The Surrogacy Adviser then organizes a match meeting where both parties meet and see if they would like to work together.  Intended parents and surrogates ask questions to become familiar with one another.  The match meeting is when a connection sparks and begins the surrogacy journey.

When intended parents and surrogates have agreed to work together, two legal teams join the journey. At Omega Family Global, both the intended parents and surrogates have their own legal counsel.  The legal professionals will create the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement (GSA) containing all the legal details of the surrogacy journey.  Omega Family Global ascertains that both parties agree with the terms of the GSA before moving forward.

In Vitro Fertilization Process

Once the GSA is signed, the surrogate meets her contact person within the agency.  At Omega, this contact person is called the surrogate support team member.  The surrogate will have 24-hour support from her SST member, who will coordinate all her appointments and manage any needs she may have through the surrogacy journey.

A fundamental difference between a normal pregnancy and that of surrogacy is the In vitro fertilization (IVF) process.  This process serves two purposes.  The first one is for the IPs to create their embryo.  The second is to prepare the surrogate’s body for the implantation of the IPs’ embryo, in hopes of a successful pregnancy.

Smiling surrogate mothers with the phrase "Keep calm and transfer embryos" in the center.When the intended parents have their embryo/s ready, the surrogate will undergo medication prescribed by an OB/GYN assigned by the in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic.  Once the doctor at the IVF center determines that the surrogate is ready, she will undergo a medical procedure called the Embryo Transfer to become pregnant.  If the embryo does attach to the surrogate’s uterine lining and pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate will continue under the care of the IVF clinic’s doctor.  Once she reaches her second trimester, she will be released to a doctor covered under the intended parents’ medical insurance.


As the process moves along, Omega Family Global invites both intended parents and surrogates to become part of Omega Family Global’s community There are a variety of online activities such as Surrogacy Questions and Answers for both IPs and surrogates.  Other activities include arts and crafts for surrogates and their children, webinars to learn more about surrogacy, and surrogate get-togethers.  Omega Family Global also has a series of resources via Omega Family Global’s YouTube Channel and website, where IPs and surrogates can sign up for Omega’s Newsletter as well as become familiar with the different steps of the process.

Omega Family Global is a surrogacy agency that makes procedures easy to follow, communicates clearly, and works to help every community member feel welcome, informed, and at ease.


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