Helping a family struggling to have a baby is why women become surrogates. Surrogates are compassionate women who understand the importance of parenthood.  They are miracle makers willing to go through a pregnancy and childbirth for a couple who needs their help.  This noble and compassionate motivation inspires Omega Family Global to honor surrogates by providing outstanding and loving support.

Introducing the Surrogate Support Team (SST)

Surrogates receive different types of support throughout the journey. The intake coordinators take care of surrogates during the qualifying process as they create the surrogate’s profile.  The Surrogacy Advisors take the profile and show it to potential intended parents until they make a match.  The recruitment team and the Surrogacy Advisors are both communicating with the surrogates, keeping them informed about how their process is moving along. Once the surrogate is matched, Omega Family Global (OFG) assigns a Surrogate Support Team member for her.

OFG believes in the power of relationships.  Surrogacy is such an intimate, emotional, and transformative experience that OFG provides the surrogate with a companion to share the journey with her.   Surrogate Support Team Members are women dedicated to helping surrogates navigate the practical, medical, emotional, and financial aspects of the surrogacy.   Just as surrogates have a defined purpose of helping a family grow, the SST’s purpose is to enable a surrogate to enjoy a smooth surrogacy journey.

What does a Surrogate Support Team member do?

  • Makes the surrogate feel at ease by providing her with the assistance she needs at any given time
  • Makes consistent check-up calls to help address any issues that may arise
  • Refers the surrogate to a psychologist for testing
  • Sets-up medical screening
  • Assists in locating monitoring IVF clinics
  • Schedules appointments
  • Processes monthly payments
  • Answers questions the surrogate may have
  • Provides 24/7 communication with the surrogate
  • Arranges travel
  • Sets up health insurance

How to Keep in Touch

When an SST member is assigned to a surrogate, both will decide which is the best way to get in touch with each other.  Some people like phone calls while others prefer a messaging service.  The way the SST and the surrogate communicate is entirely their choice, but clear and consistent contact is a must

OFG Teams Work Together

To ensure a smooth experience, the intake coordination team, Surrogacy Advisors, and the SST work together.  The intake coordinators get to know the surrogate first as they bring her into the Omega Family.  Once the surrogate profile is ready, the intake team briefs the surrogacy advisor on her case.  With this information the surrogacy advisors match intended parents with a candidate.  The Surrogacy Advisor will then introduce the matched surrogate with their own Surrogacy Support Team member.

The SST accompanies the surrogate through day-to-day activities of the pregnancy.  The SST communicates with the Surrogacy Advisor regarding pregnancy specific details.  Even though direct communication between the surrogate and her intended parents is encouraged, there are topics and situations that require education on behalf of the agency.

For example, the SST alerts the Surrogacy Advisor that a surrogate has been taking constant naps because the pregnancy is making her extremely tired.   At that moment the Surrogacy Advisor can give the intended parents a call and tell them what is happening.  This way, if the IPs call their surrogate and she is taking a nap, they will not become alarmed and create unnecessary stress for themselves and the surrogate.  The consistent and relevant communication between the SST and the Surrogacy Advisors is key to a smooth surrogacy experience.

Surrogate Community Activity

Alongside the SST, Omega Family Global provides support though various channels. Surrogate Get-togethers are online or in-person meetings where surrogates and Omega Family Global Staff join in a friendly conversation about life, kids, and surrogacy.  Surrogacy Q&A is an online activity where a commonly asked questions are answered in detail. Webinar Wednesday is an opportunity to invite Omega experts to discuss surrogacy issues in depth. Omega sends out a monthly newsletter that discusses topics relevant to surrogacy.


“Honest communication helps build community among the surrogates. They are our family.”