Tips to move the process along

Intended parents who choose surrogacy have most likely been wanting to have a child for a long time. Although the surrogacy process is simple and easy to follow, it does require careful preparation and decision making.

From its years of experience Omega Family Global has noticed that the journeys that have moved along the fastest have certain things in common:

Working with an agency

Working with an agency saves time and money because the agency coordinates the legal, medical, and personal aspects of surrogacy for intended parents, surrogates, legal and medical professionals. The agency should be willing to work at whatever pace is comfortable for the IPs.

Embryo formation

Embryo formation should be completed before parents begin looking for their surrogate. To form the embryo the fertility clinic needs to know the cause of infertility, if necessary. This will allow fertility doctors to determine whether or not parents need to use donated gametes to form their embryos. If they need donors, they should move forward with that process before engaging a surrogate.

Most invitro fertilization doctors will not move forward to medically screen the surrogate if IPs do not have their embryos ready.  Once they do, doctors will medically screen the surrogate and begin medications to prepare her body for pregnancy.  If not, this will delay the intended parents’ timeline.

Choosing a surrogate

Choosing a surrogate can be a time-consuming step in the surrogacy journey. Omega Family Global will provide IPs with surrogate profiles.  From these profiles, they can choose which candidates they would like to meet.  After these meetings, IPs will have a couple of days to make their decision to move forward.


Omega Family Global has previously screened the surrogates to make sure they comply with all the medical, psychological, and emotional requirements necessary to carry a successful pregnancy; therefore, intended parents can focus on other things. IPs can prepare by discussing what traits they would like their surrogate to have to ensure a personal connection rather than focusing on whether or not the surrogate can carry their child.

Surrogacy is a special way to help families grow. Omega Family Global understands that the sooner a family has their baby, the happier they are. These are a few tips that can help intended parents move their process along quicker, and bring their baby home sooner.

Please reach out to Omega Family Global for more information and guidance on your surrogacy journey.