Surrogate Resources

Surrogacy is a special and unique experience.  Therefore, there are many situations that potential and current surrogates may find confusing.  Not to worry! Omega Family Global has a variety of resources to help you through the journey.

  • Communicating is different because your intimate circle becomes larger, including your surrogate support team, intended parents, and supportive family and friends.
  • Becoming pregnant through invitro fertilization is usually a new experience for fist time surrogates.
  • Our Surrogacy Community is at your fingertips to bond, to learn, to share, but most of all to feel understood. You are accepted as you are with no judgment, only pure love, compassion, and appreciation.

OFG designs resources based on our surrogates’ experiences.  We create each activity, document, or event to support surrogates. OFG tailors all their information around the surrogate and the purpose she serves.  If there is a topic you would like to discuss or would like to learn more about, please feel free to send an email to requesting information.