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We look forward to giving you the best surrogate journey possible

Omega Family Global is possibly the most experienced firm in existence for managing the legal and medical aspects of surrogacy. Our team has recruited and matched more than 3200 surrogates with intended parents.

Becoming a surrogate with Omega Family Global provides you with peace of mind. Our legal team follows all laws and best practices regarding surrogacy. You can be sure you are legally and medically protected while working with us. Our team will manage your surrogacy from matching through birth, and beyond. We have one of the best supportive programs in the surrogacy industry.

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5 Reasons Surrogates Need an Agency

Surrogacy is a wonderful thing you can do for a family, but it can be complicated! Omega Family Global has created an eBook to provide prospective surrogates with the relevant information on surrogacy and the journey it entails.