The Surrogacy Process is the set of steps to become a Surrogate with Omega Family Global.
The Surrogacy Process involves five simple steps. It is important for a woman interested in it to understand them so she can determine if surrogacy is right for her. The Omega Family team is prepared to answer any questions she may have through email, social media, texting, and/or phone calls.

5 Steps of the Omega Surrogacy Process

Step 1: Qualifying

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate and meet certain requirements, you then apply online by answering 12 simple questions. This questionnaire is the beginning of the qualifying process. The end of this step is that your surrogate profile is completed. This profile includes medical information, a background check, and a description of what you look for in a surrogacy experience.

Step 2: Matching

As a Gestational Surrogate, you will be carrying a baby for a couple who cannot, for whatever reason, have a child of their own. Who will this couple be? This is what the matching step accomplishes. Omega Family Global will present profiles to Intended Parents (IPs) to see who they connect with. If your profile is chosen, you meet the family and decide whether you would like to work with them. If a match is made, legal and medical processes begin.

Step 3: Getting Pregnant

Once the legal process is completed, you will take medication to stimulate your body to accept pregnancy. The highlight of this step is called the embryo transfer. During this procedure, the IPs’ embryo will be inserted into the surrogate’s uterus in hopes of a successful pregnancy. The implanting of the embryo is, of course, the experience most different from a normal pregnancy.

Step 4: Pregnancy

The pregnancy officially begins once the embryo attaches to the uterus and a fetal heartbeat is heard. Omega provides medical insurance for all surrogates throughout their journey. You will begin your pregnancy care with the invitro fertilization (IVF) doctor’s clinic and then move to an OB/GYN. You must choose an OB/GYN within the insurance network that Omega has enrolled you in. You should update the Intended Parents on how your pregnancy develops. Omega Family Global has a variety of options to choose from to communicate consistently and effectively.

Step 5: Delivery

Along with the confirmation of pregnancy, the baby’s arrival is a pivotal moment within the journey. As a surrogate you are able to fulfill your purpose and the parents now have extended their own family. It is time for you to return home feeling empowered and grateful for what you have done.

You return home and are able to sleep soundly, with no crying baby needing your care. You may have to pump breast milk if part of the agreement; but you will not have to breast feed every few hours! Omega continues to care for you through activities such as surrogate dinners or online events. If you would like, Omega will provide you with support after the baby is born.

Omega Surrogacy Process Teams

Omega Recruitment Team: This team begins to work with those women who have answered the 12-question questionnaire and are eligible to continue. They guide the applicant towards obtaining all the information needed to make sure that the applicant is choosing surrogacy for all the right reasons.

Omega Matching Team: This is when the Intended Parents are matched with the Surrogate. This process is handled by the Omega Family Surrogates team, when they decide who could go well with whom, and then interviews are held, and matches are made.

Omega Surrogate Support Team –SST: Omega Family Surrogates provides each Surrogate with her own Surrogate Support Team Member, who will serve as her guide and her go-to person for whatever needs she may have.  Meet Mariela, a Surrogate Support Team Member.

Surrogate Liaison Team: Not only does each Surrogate work with her own Surrogate Support Team Member, but she also is in contact with the Surrogate Liaison Team in charge of the Surrogate Dinners as well as other amazing community activities that bring the Omega Family Surrogates community together.


Omega Family Surrogates share their experiences in this video about what it is like to be a Surrogate.

Surrogate Support

What sets Omega Family Global apart from other surrogacy agencies in the United States is the personalized support each surrogate receives. Omega assists surrogates through in-person events such as Surrogate Dinners and family activities like Spring Fling, intimate social media involvement, plus as much individual attention as the gestational carrier needs. Would a surrogate like to have someone go with her to an appointment, help her communicate with her IPs, or be in touch with her fellow surrogates? OFG teams come together to provide the best solutions possible to any request that comes their way.


Surrogate Dinners where Surrogates get together to share their experiences and bond as women who chose Surrogacy as a way to make a difference in the lives of the Intended Parents they serve.

Family Events such as the Spring Fling celebrated in May of 2019, where Surrogates and their families were invited to mingle and get to know each other.

Omega Holiday Parties, where once a year the Omega Family community is invited to share in holiday festivities and strengthen bonds that have been created thanks to surrogacy.

The Surrogacy Journey

Is how the Surrogate and her family perceives, enjoys, and lives the experience of having a baby for another family.  It also includes Omega Family Surrogates’ unique family oriented focus providing understanding and contributing to Bringing Family Moments to Life.

Omega Family Surrogates invites all women who are interested in journeys to join our Facebook group Omega Surrogate Stories and learn more about the day-to-day of an Omega Surrogate. Omega Family Surrogates also hosts family events and Surrogate Dinners that enhance the Surrogacy Journey with a wonderful community of amazing families that choose to help others by way of surrogacy.