The Reason Behind Omega’s Surrogacy Q&A

Surrogacy is one of those topics that many people have notions about.  These notions come from bits and pieces of information that float around.  You can hear about surrogacy in conversations, religious circles, or perhaps in an educational environment.  What you rarely hear, is surrogacy examined under a practical, factual, and human perspective.

This is why Omega Family Global created a digital campfire called Surrogacy Q&A.  This is an online webinar-like activity that centers around surrogacy. The topics addressed are practical, factual, and compassionate.  These topics come from what the participants want to know.  Those who lead the activity are experienced in the field, and most have been surrogates themselves.  Therefore, no Surrogacy Q&A is ever the same.  It is a perfect opportunity to have questions answered.  The activity will nurture perceptions about surrogacy and help someone decide whether surrogacy is right for them.

A Safehaven for Surrogacy Questions

Surrogacy Q&A is an opportunity to set minds and hearts at ease. Participants provide their points of view in an honest fashion so that everyone knows what surrogacy is truly like.  Surrogacy is not for everyone, and that is why Omega Family Global aims to communicate the reality behind the surrogacy experience.  It teaches what to expect during surrogacy and the agency’s role.  Omega encourages women to belong to the Omega Family Community before, during and after the surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy Q&A bullet points:

  • Q&A is held every last Tuesday of the month at 9 p.m. both at CST and PST.
  • Via Zoom and is live-streamed on Facebook.
  • The event information can be found through social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.
  • It is a public event but it does require registration to attend the zoom meeting. Facebook live feed does not require registration.

If you have any questions please reach out to Maria Noelle Rivera at