What Can’t a Mom Do?

Having children is a blessing. Mothers will claim that there is no better “job” or use of their time than providing their kids with love and attention.  What does a mom do?  The question is closer to, what can’t a mom do? 


If a child gets hurt, mom becomes a nurse.  If a child is having trouble with homework, mom becomes a teacher.  If a child is having trouble with friends, mom becomes a life-coach.  If children are hungry mom becomes a chef.  No matter what her children bring forward, mom will become what they need.  That is why she is a Super-Mom.

Choosing Surrogacy

Omega Family Global (OFG) is fortunate to know many Super-Moms.  Not only are they mothers themselves, but they choose to help others become parents through surrogacy.  Some reasons why these women choose to become surrogates are:

  1. They want to give the gift of parenthood.

    Infertility is more common than one would think. Helping others have a baby is a strong motivation to become a surrogate. They understand infertility and help make things right by allowing others to become parents.

  2. They love being pregnant.

    Pregnancy can be a joyful experience for some women. Surrogacy enables women to benefit from being pregnant without having more children themselves. 

  3. Surrogacy sets an example of helping others.

    As their family and communities follow their journeys, they see how they turn into the miracle their intended parents had been waiting for. Their example inspires their children and community to help others in their own unique ways.family walking together

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