The Heart Already Knows

As a surrogate you know in your heart who your intended parents are.  You may not know their names, or where they are from, but something inside you already does.  At the match meeting you have the opportunity to hear potential parents’ story.  Listening allows you to get to know them and discover if that special feeling is there.

The same is true for intended parents.  They know deep down what they expect of their surrogate.  They examine each profile in a quest to find “the one.”  As opposed to a meeting in which IPs can see and hear you, they must connect with the answers provided in your profile questionnaire.

Telling Your Story

We are taught to answer a questionnaire in a concise and straightforward manner.  This approach works well when the intent is to influence a rational decision based on facts.  However, in the matching process it is the heart that we are reaching out to.  Choosing the right intended parents or the right surrogate is an emotional decision that must feel right; therefore, the way you answer the profile is very important.

How Intended Parents Read a Profile

1. Profile Picture

Your first shot at connecting with intended parents comes from your picture. It’s a golden opportunity to showcase your personality.  Once they connect with the picture, IPs will go on to read the rest of your profile.  Take the time to capture how special you are.

When you enjoy doing something, your delight shines through.  Capturing that spirit will entice IPs to learn more about you.  For example, if you love gardening, have a friend take a picture of you watering your favorite plant or digging in the dirt.  This won’t only showcase your happiness, but also illustrate a part of who you are.

2. Answering With a Story

The format of the surrogate profile is a questionnaire asking direct questions required for medical, legal, and phycological purposes. These can be answered matter-of-factly, whereas others should be answered from the heart.

Here is an example:

IP Qualities I consider important

Story: I’ve always looked up to my parents because they taught me how important hard work is. My mother was a cook and was constantly looking for new recipes to spice up her menu.  This taught me resilience and the importance of putting effort into my work. I’d like to know that my intended parents also work hard, so their child has that to look up to.

I’m so blessed because I have my children.  I consistently make an effort to show patience, although it’s sometimes difficult.  I’d like my intended parents to have patience as I learn to communicate with them and understand what they need.

Non-Story: IPs should be hardworking, loving, and special.  They should be patient, understanding, and communicative.

3. Availability

Although availability isn’t part of the profile itself, it’s a direct reflection of your commitment to the intended parents. Omega Family Global will reach out when intended parents want to meet you. If you can’t be reached, intended parents could perceive a lack of responsibility on your part. This will damage your chances of getting matched.

Telling a story through your surrogate profile is a perfect way to continue captivating intended parents (IPs) after they have seen your pictures.  Your profile demonstrates how relatable, respectable, and compassionate you are.  Intended parents who connect with the pictures and profile are more likely to schedule a match meeting.