One of the key components of a fulfilling surrogacy journey is communication.  From the first day when a woman considers becoming a surrogate to the day when she delivers the baby, communication plays a crucial role in the journey’s success. If the woman becomes The Missing Surrogate, then she jeopardizes the whole experience.

Let us explain why:

Omega’s Surrogacy Journey

Step One: Qualifying

The first step of the journey is applying online to become an Omega Family Surrogate. She answers 12 simple questions, and if she qualifies, the Profile Creation process begins. The Omega Recruitment Team is in charge of creating the profile; to do this, they must communicate with the surrogate frequently. The applicant must choose an effective form of communication through which Omega will be able to reach her and she will be able to respond.  She can choose telephone, text messaging, social media… whatever works best for her. She must be constantly engaged for the process to move along quickly.

Maria Kennemer’s team will communicate with the potential surrogate often to obtain all the necessary information to create her profile. The Gestational Surrogate Profile allows potential Intended Parents to get to know the surrogate and provides her medical and personal information. During this time, it is crucial for our potential surrogate to be available to Maria’s team as much as possible. If the applicant does not respond to the recruitment team, and they are unable to reach her, she becomes The Missing Surrogate.

Step 2: Matching

Once completed, the Gestational Surrogate Profile goes to the Case Managers, whose job consists of presenting profiles to Intended Parents (IPs) and becoming the surrogate’s single point of contact throughout the journey. The potential surrogate must be available to coordinate matching meetings and choose her IPs. The sooner she has these meetings, the higher the probability of her being matched soon. If the IPs feel that she is hard to reach, they may interpret that as a lack of interest or lack of responsibility.  These traits can send her profile to the bottom of the stack.

Step 3: Getting Pregnant

This is such an exciting part of the process! Omega’s Surrogate Support Team (SST) steps in to help the surrogate with all the medical coordination her pregnancy involves. Our surrogate now shares her progress with Case Managers (for her IPs) and the SST team.  There is a lot going on regarding medications, IVF clinic visits, and doctor appointments to be communicated to the Case Managers, SST team, and the surrogate.  In this exciting time, lack of clear and effective communication can create anxiety and distress for all parties involved. This is not a good time to become The Missing Surrogate.

Step 4: Pregnancy

Confidence and trust in communication build as IPs, surrogate, Case Manager and the Surrogate Support Team develops their rhythm and form of communication through time. Sometimes IPs decide to communicate through their Case Managers, but others communicate directly with the surrogate.  It all depends on how each match works.  It is important for the surrogate to communicate as she has agreed to throughout the process to promote trust and to meet everyone’s expectations.

Step 5: Delivery

Baby arrives and everyone wants to know how baby and surrogate are, and the new parents are excited to meet their child. The days before delivery and the surrogate’s arrival to the hospital are very exciting moments for both the surrogate and her IPs. If the surrogate does not communicate during this time, she will create unnecessary anxiety, detracting from the joy of the baby’s arrival.

Changing the method of communication

A surrogate can change her primary communication mode if she explains her preference to the Case Manager. For example, if a surrogate further along in the pregnancy finds it easier to communicate via text instead of the phone, that is ok.    The Case Manager and SST team will take care of it so that the change will not alarm the Intended Parents.  One of the blessings of being an Omega Surrogate is that all surrogates have many points of contact to get their message across. For IPs, they communicate their new contact preference via their Case Manager, and all will be resolved.

The Missing Surrogate

A missing surrogate causes anguish, distress, and negative feelings that are unnecessary for a Surrogacy Journey.  Omega Family Global makes it a point to facilitate messages throughout the journey, making good communication easier for the surrogate.

How can you avoid becoming a Missing Surrogate?

By being clear about your preferences and clearly understanding what is expected of you for sharing important information.  If anything is unclear, please ask. Omega is always there to support you.

Who can you ask for help when you would like to change your communication method?

You can ask your SST team, Case Manager, other Surrogates, Omega Surrogate Story members, whatever is best for you.

Communication is the key to avoid becoming…

The Missing Surrogate.