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Successful surrogacies require precise and knowledgeable coordination of many people and services. Omega Family Global (OFG) has years of experience that enable the smooth and professional management of a surrogacy journey.

Legal Contracts and Agreements

Some states recognize surrogacy as a legal activity; others do not. If a state authorizes surrogacy, it protects everyone involved by providing a legal framework.

Agreements, contracts, and court orders ensure protection for intended parents (IPs), surrogate, baby and the agency. For example, the first agreement is between the agency and IPs, where they agree to move forward together.  Later on, IPs and surrogates sign the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement (GSA) in which they agree on specific details of the surrogacy journey. OFG requires that each party use a different lawyer to protect individual interests.  OFG initiates de Pre Birth Order (PBO) judgment process once the doctor confirms pregnancy.  This document will provide intended parents with the legal rights over their baby.

Insurance Coverage

Intended parents provide their surrogate with medical and life insurance.  If the insurance policy that IPs currently have doesn’t cover surrogacy, OFG’s Surrogacy Advisers help IPs find a provider that does.


With many years of experience in the surrogacy field, the OFG team has turned matching into a skill Surrogacy Advisers  take the time to get to know each IP and surrogate to understand their expectations.  Using their knowledge and intuition, they’ve been able to successfully match them, resulting in an enriching surrogacy experience.

Effective Journey Coordination

Omega Family Global’s Surrogate Support Team is a compassionate, experienced and efficient team.  Their job is to coordinate an array of activities that range from insurance claims and medical appointments to surrogate payment and emotional support.    For intended parents the Surrogate Adviser is always there to provide IPs with information.  Surrogacy Advisers and the Surrogate Support Team work hand-in-hand to provide current information on the well-being of the surrogate and the pregnancy.

Omega Family Global Surrogacy Resources

Surrogacy helps a family grow.  Many people are unfamiliar with it, therefore Omega Family Global has a series of resources that can help intended parents, surrogates, and the general public understand it.

Omega Family Global

  • Website:
    The website guides intended parents, surrogates, and the general public through the surrogacy process.  The website helps visitors apply, find information, and contact the agency in case they have any questions.
  • Blogs
    Blogs respond to questions that surrogates and intended parents have throughout their surrogacy. OFG staff, surrogates, and IPs collaborate to answer questions.  Blogs are an excellent source of information at any point of the surrogacy experience.
  • You Tube Channel
    Videos are a great way to see the people supporting intended parents and surrogates.  Seeing their faces and hearing their voices contributes to the long-lasting relationships with Omega Family Global.  IPs and surrogates can call the agency, knowing they’re speaking to the same person they see in the video.
  • Surrogate Support Groups and Online Activities
    Omega Family Global loves to engage with surrogates and intended parents.  OFG hosts online activities where our community can participate actively or passively to learn about surrogacy. Activities include :1) Surrogacy Q&A hosted on the last Tuesday of the month, where one frequently asked question is discussed in full.
    2) Webinar Wednesday Once a month Omega will host a Webinar on important topics related to surrogacy.
    3) Surrogacy Get-togethers Surrogates meet once a month to discuss their journeys and share advice.

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