couple w/ pregnancy test

Surrogacy has been around for a long time.  For example, in biblical times, Abraham and Sarah had a child through their servant Hagar.   However, in the past people have felt uncomfortable discussing infertility due to religious and cultural beliefs. Today, on the other hand, as it becomes more common, couples are no longer as hesitant to find medical alternatives for having a child.  The State of California embraces surrogacy by providing a legal framework that protects surrogacy as a whole. Omega Family Global (OFG) originates in California and has been serving families for years.

Omega Family Global Practices Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy guarantees that the surrogate has no biological claim to the baby.  OFG ensures that all legal and medical protocols confirm and establish the intended parents’ (IPs’) parental rights. IPs, surrogates, invitro fertilization (IVF) clinics, as well as Omega Family employees are all on the same page when engaging in the surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy Process  for Intended Parents

The surrogacy journey starts when intended parents choose surrogacy to extend their family.  The next step is deciding which agency to work with.  The relationship between them and their agency begins with an initial agreement. The following step involves finding a surrogate that matches the IPs’ preferences.  Having achieved a successful match, the legal process begins.  Omega Family Global has a simple three-step legal process protecting everyone involved in the surrogacy journey.

Three-step Legal Process

STEP ONE: Gestational Surrogacy Agreement or GSA

The GSA assigns responsibilities to IPs,  the surrogate, and Omega Family Global.  Intended parents agree to pay for all the surrogate’s pregnancy and birth related costs.  The surrogate commits to lead a healthy lifestyle in benefit of the baby, follow medical recommendations, and give the baby to the parents at birth.  Omega Family Global agrees to manage the pregnancy. This entails providing professional help and information regarding appointments, screenings, and other needs that arise.

STEP TWO: Trust Fund

A fund is set up to cover all the pregnancy related costs for the surrogate. No matter how the pregnancy plays out, the money from the trust fund compensates the surrogate.  For example, a surrogate receives payment even if the pregnancy does not come to term or if IPs decide to hand the child over to someone else.

STEP THREE: Pre-Birth Order (PBO)

The Pre-Birth Order is a court-issued judgement that establishes the intended parents’ legal rights over their child.  The courts use the PBO to produce the baby’s birth certificate.  Only the child’s parents’ names appear on the certificate. The PBO guarantees that the surrogate is in no way related to or responsible for the child.

OFG Provides Peace of Mind

The three-step legal process is a simple one, only because OFG manages it efficiently.  OFG ensures that everyone involved is taken care of based on years of experience. OFG’s knowledge prepares them to deal with any situation that may come their way.

Intended parents and surrogates can rest assured that positive emotions will fill their journey. They are in the hands of people who care, making sure that they are protected every step of the way.