Infertility has become more and more common

In recent years more and more couples are becoming part of the infertility conversation.  Numerous studies illustrate how many couples face frustration as they are unable to conceive. Having a family after unsuccessful attempts for pregnancy can be a difficult process.  Some couples may choose to seek alternatives to grow their family while others give up altogether.

Ironically most sexual education is about preventing pregnancy rather than how to achieve one.  Men and women, girls and boys learn that there are many ways a couple can enjoy an active sex life without becoming pregnant. There are some studies indicating that certain birth control methods may hinder the chances of women having children later in life. If a couple faces infertility, no matter why it occurs, then understanding the different ways to extend their family is important.

Bringing a child into your family

If a sexually exclusive couple does not get pregnant, they have the option to adopt a baby.  There are many organizations and programs that help future parents find their child.  Adopting children from other countries has recently become more common.

There are some parents who prefer to have biologically related children.  This preference can stem from cultural traditions. Some places in the world deny non-biological children access to the family inheritance.  When heritage and tradition are two core values within a society, adoption is not considered to extend a family. People who value highly having their family genes in a child may examine medically assisted family creation methods to bring their child into the world.

Medically assisted family creation methods

Invitro fertilization is a medically assisted child creating option that can become a solution for these couples.  Their baby has their genetic information although the embryo is formed in the clinic and then implanted into the mother’s uterus.

What happens if the mother’s body cannot carry a child to full term?

When the mother is unable to carry the child to full term, surrogacy may become a solution.  Intended parents choose a surrogate, and she is the one who will carry the baby for the parents.   Omega Family Global (OFG) turns surrogacy into a simple, safe, and secure process.  OFG has the professional network necessary to help a couple achieve the pregnancy.  For example, if the couple needs an egg or sperm to complete the embryo, OFG is able to help the couple to find a donor.

Omega Family Global understands family creation

Future parents look forward to extending their family.  OFG is there to provide guidance and expertise so that parents can find the perfect way to help their unique family grow. Omega believes that everyone deserves to have their family miracle and will do everything possible to make it happen.

To begin your own family, speak to an Omega Surrogacy Adviser today.