Intended Parents (IPs) are certain of one thing: they want to grow their family.  What may be unclear is which path to parenthood they want to move forward with.  Omega Family Global’s Surrogacy Advisors have years of experience with different paths to parenthood and will provide IPs with the information they need based on their family story.

Choosing surrogacy

Choosing surrogacy as a family creation option is a life-changing decision for Intended Parents (IPs).  Most IPs have experienced a long journey with futile invitro fertilization attempts, health issues, or years of trying to conceive naturally.  Their emotions have taken a toll, especially when having to face the possibility of not becoming parents at all.

Working with an agency

It’s important for IPs to work with an agency because it can help remove the anxiety of arranging a successful and smooth surrogacy journey.  OFG coordinates the medical, legal, and logistical aspects and provides emotional support during the surrogacy process.  Most importantly, OFG resolves unexpected problems with professionalism and compassion.

How to make the surrogacy process move along quicker

The Surrogacy Process can take close to 2 years from the initial contact IPs have with an agency to the moment that they can bring their baby home. Omega helps Intended Parents navigate the journey to parenthood through surrogacy.

Beginning the family creation process with a list of topics that IPs can address when they speak with Omega Surrogacy Advisers is helpful.  These topics help guide the conversation with the agency. Having thought about these questions will help intended parents receive the information they need to move the decision-making process along.

Questions agencies ask IPs

There are five topics that help intended parents begin their conversation with the family creation conversation:

  1. Family Creation History
  2. Family Budget
  3. Familiarity with Surrogacy Process
  4. Invitro Fertilization Process
  5. Medical Insurance

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