Becoming Intended Parents

When a couple decides to have a baby through surrogacy, they become intended parents (IPs). Navigation through the surrogacy process is difficult. IPs choose to rely on Omega Family Global to coordinate the many medical, legal, and logistical aspects for them.  Choosing an agency helps IPs remain in control of the process without the stress of day-to-day details and arrangements.

OFG Means Success

Omega Family Global (OFG) has a great team of professionals that knows how to remove the stress of coordinating a surrogacy journey.  Intended parents find that OFG provides peace of mind because it follows mandated medical and legal regulations that  protect both IPs and surrogates.  The agency also takes care of the logistics involved with the baby, the surrogate, and the doctors. Another advantage of working with OFG is that it gives emotional support to IPs and surrogates during the surrogacy journey.

The comprehensive nature of OFG allows IPs to relax.  OFG provides the expertise to help parents choose how they want to handle each step, without being bothered with every detail. Omega communicates clearly, and this builds trust.  Intended parents have everything they need to begin a successful surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy Advisor

Our lead surrogacy advisor, Tracy Armato, has been in the surrogacy industry for more than 20 years.  More than 2,000 successful surrogacy journeys have had the blessing of her involvement, making her one of the most trustworthy and supportive advisors an intended parent could find. She has been a surrogate herself multiple times, so is no stranger to the ups and downs a surrogacy journey can bring.

Intended parents can relax when guided by Omega Family Global because:

  • Members of the OFG team have been in the surrogacy field for more than 20 years.
  • A personal OFG Surrogacy Advisor guides IPs through the surrogacy journey, serving as their single point of communication, at any time of day, reducing the possibility of confusion or misunderstanding.
  • OFG reduces stress for IPs and surrogates by coordinating the many critical details of the surrogacy journey in a clear and simple way.
  •  IPs feel safe and secure because they are in control of each step of the process.

Intended Parents can rely on Omega to bring their family moments to life!