After, ‘Is it possible?’ the first question in most parents’ minds is, ‘How much will it cost?’

The figures below are provided as a reference for a reasonable budget for a US surrogacy with a professional surrogacy agency.

These figures are estimates.

While there are options that cost less, the level of risk and time required to manage and coordinate all the different moving parts increases. Like all things, there are trade-offs. When you are evaluating other surrogacy programs, and don’t see an item that is included below, ask why.

Every intended parents’ situation is unique.

Call today to work with professional surrogacy advisers that will help you figure out how to minimize your costs and minimize your risks while maximizing your chances of a healthy, successful surrogacy journey.

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Item Budget Notes
Agency Fees
Agency Fees $25,000 Payments are made upon match and upon completion of legal contracts.
Home evaluation Included
Surrogate sourcing & management Included
OB/GYN management Included
TOTAL $25,000
Legal (Fixed Costs)
Parent Attorney Fee $2,750
Surrogate Attorney Fee $1,500
Birth Arrangements
Prebirth order or Parental Rights Agreement
$6,500 This amount includes $500 for the surrogate attorney.
Escrow Account Management $1.750 Required by law.
Surrogate Travel Allowance $250
TOTAL $12,750
Other Professional Fees (Fixed Costs)
Psychological Screening $1,000
Psychological Support Fee $2,500 Surrogate support throughout the process is provided.
Criminal Background and Medical Record Check $500
Healthcare Insurance Verification $1,250 Legal compliance requires a full review of surrogate’s insurance by a professional insurance agent.
TOTAL $5,250
Insurance (Variable)
Surrogate Life Insurance $500-$1,000 $1,000 maximum, $250,000 benefit
Surrogate Health Insurance $15,500-$19,500 On average, the premium is $600 – $700 per month plus $6,000 out of pocket deductable
Newborn Medical Cost $3,000 – $5,000 If you have health insurance, you may add the baby to your own insurance.
TOTAL $19,000-$25,500 Insurance costs will be paid from trust account.
Surrogate Compensation Fixed, but can vary by surrogate
Base Compensation $40,000 First time surrogate’s base compensation is typically $40,000.  Experienced surrogate’s compensation is higher.
Surrogate Travel Reimbursement $2,700 – $3,500 Reimbursement for the medical screen is $100. Each trip afterwards ranges from $50 to $100, depending on distance.
Maternity Clothing Allowance $800 – $1,000 The clothing allowance depends on single vs multiple pregnancy.
Monthly Expense Allowance $4,500 $300 monthly for 10 months.  This covers parking fees, medication, toll roads, etc.
Full Participation Bonus $500 Upon signing Gestational Surrogate Agreement (GSA)
Housekeeping / Childcare $3,000-$4,000 Provided during the last trimester.
IVF Transfer Fee $1,000 Per cycle.
Injection Medication Fee $500 Per cycle.
TOTAL $54,750 Paid from trust account.
Miscellaneous Costs
Lost Wages Varies If employed, surrogate is paid for lost time from physician ordered bed rest.
Surrogate child care and housekeeping assistance Varies Per day.
Multiple Pregnancy Bonus $5,000
Cesarean Section $3,500
Hysterectomy Fee $5,000
Invasive Procedure Fee $500
Dropped Cycle Fee $500
Breast Milk Pumping $200 Per week.
Mock Cycle Fee $250

While this is an exhaustive list of all the items that are involved in a surrogacy, keep in mind each journey is unique, and it is not unusual for new items to surface.  That’s why it’s valuable to work with an agency like Omega, that has the experience and creative problem solving skills to ensure a successful surrogacy.

There are ways to save and lower your budget! Contact our surrogacy advisers to find out how.