5 topics agencies discuss with intended parents 

  1. Family Creation History
  2. Family Budget
  3. Familiarity with Surrogacy Process
  4. Invitro Fertilization Process
  5. Medical Insurance


  1. What other forms of family creation have you tried, prior to choosing surrogacy?

Omega Family’s Surrogacy Advisers have many years of experience regarding family creation options other than surrogacy.  Omega’s Baby Steps Program clarifies expectations that IPs may have regarding a variety of family creation options. This allows IPs to make the best decision and helps them clearly understand what they can expect in their surrogacy journey.

  1. How much money have you set aside for surrogacy?

  OF_Surrogacy CompensationSurrogacy costs usually range between $135,000 to $150,000 USD.  At this moment, the prices have gone down, making surrogacy more affordable.  The price differences are a result of decisions intended parents make.  For example, transferring multiple embryos and twin pregnancies can add expenses.    


  1. How familiar are you with the Surrogacy Process?

Keeping things simple is key for any process, including surrogacy.  With so much information on the internet about how the surrogacy process works (video), it can become overwhelming. This is why OFG has a 5-step for IPs to follow, from beginning to end.

  1. If you are facing infertility issues, have you determined its cause?

Invitro Fertilization clinics provide testing that will determine the cause of infertility.  It is important to know the reason IPs cannot have children naturally because it increases the probability of needing donor gametes.  These gametes could be used to create the embryos needed during the in-vitro fertilization process.

  1. Have you chosen an IVF clinic?

IPs must feel comfortable working with the IVF clinic that they choose.  If IPs are unfamiliar with IVF clinics, as part of their comprehensive, top-of-the-line service, Omega Family Global can recommend clinics for this purpose.  Once the IPs choose their IVF clinic, they should become familiar with their guidelines and procedures.

  1. Do you already have your embryos?

Once IPs have chosen a fertility clinic to work with, they proceed to create their embryo(s).  The embryo(s) can be created in three ways, all of which involve the In-vitro Fertilization Clinic:

  1. Sperm and Egg come from IPs      (IP + IP = Embryo)
  2. Sperm or Egg comes from a donor (Donor + IP = Embryo)
  3. Sperm and Egg comes from donors (Donor + Donor = Embryo)

If IPs use donor gametes, their family creation timeline becomes longer.  The extra step of choosing and obtaining a donor gamete takes time.  Omega Family Global will guide IPs for the best possible donor. Once the time frame has been determined, both surrogate and IPs have a reasonable idea of when the pregnancy can begin.

  1. Does your current medical insurance cover surrogacy?

Intended parents are required to pay for medical insurance to cover both surrogate and baby throughout the surrogacy journey.  Some insurance plans already cover surrogacy, so it is in the best interest of IPs to call their insurance provider to find out if they already have it. If they do, it is best to become familiar with the coverage.  If not, Omega may provide options from which the IPs may choose.


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