What happens out there

Members of the Omega Family Global (OFG) Team have been in the surrogacy field for years.  This means that they have seen the amazing, the bad, and the ugly of the surrogacy world.  Founders and current staff feel disgusted when they hear or learn about unpaid surrogates.  The same holds true when intended parents (IPs) are unable to manage the legalities of surrogacy for lack of guidance.  Another frustration comes from surrogacy agencies convincing IPs that surrogacy is their best choice, without discussing other options.


The Good

With Omega, no surrogate is left unpaid

Omega Family Global (OFG) understands that a surrogate helps someone’s family grow.  She allows her body to change and though minimal, she undergoes a risk to enable a child to be born. OFG oversees the creation of a trust fund. This trust fund secures her payments from the very beginning of the journey. The surrogate receives her full payments thanks to the trust fund regardless of the IPs’ financial situation. 

Intended parents are always the baby’s parents

OFG supports a solid and clear understanding of who the baby’s parents are from the moment intended parents approach the agency. Surrogates, staff, and everyone who is involved in helping a family grow share this understanding. Intended parents are always the baby’s parents.

Omega Family Global secures IPs’ legal rights providing legal counsel to both surrogates and IPs. The agency provides full support to both parties guaranteeing parental rights to the intended parents and not the surrogate. Legal teams are there to protect their clients and ensure that the baby returns home with his or her family.

OFG helps a family grow whether it’s through surrogacy or not

Some people who don’t wish to or can’t have a child themselves will resort to surrogacy without considering other options.  OFG explores IPs options before allowing them to commit to surrogacy.  In situations like the one explained earlier the article, OFG requests heterosexual intended parents to know the cause of their infertility.  This helps determine whether there is a need for gamete donation. The couple could use the ovum from another woman and still use the father’s sperm. It may be possible for the mother to carry her own child without the need for a surrogate.

Feel safe, secure, and sound when extending your family with Omega Family Global.