Becoming a surrogate is a decision that a women makes with her support network.  For some, this support network includes her partner and her children.

Learning about surrogacy together

When considering surrogacy, a surrogate and her family should do research together to  address any concerns or questions they have.  Being prepared mentally and physically for the journey is a key component to moving forward.  Many resources are available on the internet as well as contact information for professionals who guide surrogates and their families through the process.  Part of the process involves psychological screening and background checks for both the surrogate and the partner as well.

Finding comfort in a partner

In surrogacy, it is important to have the support of your significant other, if you have one,  and the support of your family. The surrogacy journey, although rewarding, does come with its challenges.  A surrogate will find comfort, assistance, and much needed understanding from her partner. Sexual activity becomes limited during certain stages of the pregnancy, and her partner will have to accept this circumstance.   The whole family becomes a part of the pregnancy just as if it was their own child.

Partners are part of the legal process

The Gestational Surrogacy Agreement is the contract that binds the surrogate to the intended parents and the agency.  This contract states that the surrogate recognizes that she cannot claim the child as her own. The surrogate’s partner must sign this contract as well.

Keeping the relationship strong

During this whole process, a surrogate should keep her partner close.  She should set date nights and include her partner in conversations with intended parents.  Communication should remain consistent and open. Making partners feel important and appreciated is special for the whole family. Pregnancy slows mom down temporarily.  She will need more assistance to get things done around the house as the pregnancy moves along.  Her support network must help her with her child or children as she keeps various medical appointments.

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