The Working Mom Routine

I am a working mother of two children, and I have been with my husband for over 6 years. We live in a small town in the outskirts of San Diego, CA, and we love it. Our crazy family routine is made up of breakfast, school drop off, work, picking up the kids, homework, dinner, bath time, bed time, and then the last minutes of the day, watching Netflix with my husband before dozing off to bed. It´s a good life, and we are blessed.

Mother making a phone call while watching her children draw.

Becoming pregnant is not as easy as it may seem

The reason I say this, is that I recently had my 10-year high school reunion, and I met up with a classmate I had not seen since we graduated. Of course, we are friends on Facebook, and I follow her on Instagram, but we had not had a face-to-face since 2008. She constantly traveled, and I loved to see all the pictures she took and the fascinating life she and her husband had.

We sat down and talked for a while, when all of a sudden, she said something that would change my life. She says “Sweetie, you are so lucky, you have your two kids.” When she saw my appreciative and yet bewildered face, she went on to say that she had been with her partner for 4 years, but they found out that they could not conceive on their own. They had been going to clinics and had tried twice to get pregnant through in-vitro and it did not work. Although she loved her life and her partner, she was at a point in life where she wanted to be a mother.

Empathizing with Infertility

So many thoughts went into my head, and feelings through my heart.  Where would I be without my two beautiful children? Who would I be?  I shuddered.  I could feel my friend’s sadness envelope me, At that moment I knew there had to be something I could do.  That evening, I went home to my husband and I told him all about it.

At first my husband was caught off guard.  He began to think that maybe I wanted another kid.  Then I explained that I had been so touched by my friend’s potential loss to the opportunity of becoming a mother that I really wanted to learn more about surrogacy.  I understood that there were other ways to bring a child into a family, but surrogacy was what my friend was considering, and I wanted to be there for her.

Researching Surrogacy

My husband and I began our research on the internet.  We were surprised to find so many resources and stories about how others have turned to surrogacy as their family creating option.  We started attending online webinars, going to surrogate meetings, and we came across surrogate get-togethers that were hosted by Omega Family Surrogates.  This was when we became familiar with this surrogacy agency.  We got a lot of information from their website, and their staff were super helpful answering all our question’s in timely manner.  My husband and I liked their service and the resources they had at our disposal to help us learn about this amazing journey.

Our Surrogacy Agency: Omega Family Surrogates

After about a year, my family and I were ready for me to be matched with Intended Parents, and that was how we met Hegla and Oscar.  To this day, we still remain in contact.  Throughout the pregnancy, we came across a lot of different life experiences, like people asking us why we were doing this, our kids’ friends were wondering if we were going to have another  child of our own, as well as other legitimate questions that my family and I were happy to answer.  We became a sort of surrogate ambassadors in our community.  We became knowledgeable and an important resource to our community by answering the same type of questions that we had had at one point ourselves.  There were questions like what was going to happen to the baby once it was out of their friend’s mothers’ tummy, how did I feel about being a surrogate, how was it different from having my own kids, so-on and so-forth.

Giving the baby to his family

Once the baby was born and he was taken home by his parents, our family knew that we had done something amazing for Helga and Oscar, but most importantly for Evan, the baby that would not have been, if my family and I had not decided to go through the surrogacy journey.

Parents kissing their baby, framed by hands making a heart shape.