How Urban Legends come to be

When we get together with friends, it is so much fun to talk about everything that has happened to us, or what might have happened if  such or such a thing had occurred. It brings out laughter, tears, and bonding that is wonderfully important to break our daily routine. Within these conversations urban legends are born, innocently providing incorrect information that is held true for the members of the group who shared them.

Surrogacy myth in the Bhagvata Purana

Just like urban legends, surrogacy has been around for a long time. There was an Indian myth in the Bhagvata Purana, which spoke of the need for surrogacy when a prophecy stated the death of a king by hand of a couple´s son, leading the king to kill every child the lady had. The Gods intervened in the last pregnancy and transferred the baby to another woman’s womb to enable the child’s birth.



Omega Family Surrogates has identified 3 of the most common urban legends surrounding surrogacy:

I am giving up my baby: When you go to an amusement park, you may choose to place your bags in a locker while you go and enjoy the rides. When you come back, you claim your personal belongings and go home. With gestational surrogacy, the embryo is placed in the surrogate’s womb and then she gives birth to the baby, which at no moment was ever hers. The surrogate has provided the gift of life for parents who cannot by any other means conceive on their own.

The intended parents are family friends, so there is no need for me to undergo psychological screening: Surrogate mothers are compassionate and kind-hearted; these are the reasons why they can become surrogates. The intention and the good heart may be there, but it is important to evaluate the surrogate so that she can be prepared for the post-partum process. Although uncomplicated, it will be very different from her own pregnancies in which the baby is brought home and becomes part of her family. It is necessary to provide her with the tools and strength necessary to deal with this part of the process.

My tubes are tied, so I cannot become a surrogate: The fallopian tubes provide the path from the ovum to the uterus. There it becomes fertilized for a traditional pregnancy to occur. In surrogacy, fertilization happens in a lab creating an embryo, so all that is required from the surrogate mother is her uterine space. The embryo will attach and grow into a baby within the surrogate’s uterus, meaning that someone can serve as a surrogate despite having tied tubes.

Tubal ligation diagram

Omega Family Global is committed in debunking urban legends regarding surrogacy so that women can make an informed decisions about this amazing journey.  Apply now to become a Surrogate.