“Their pea, my pod.”

When skimming posts on surrogacy, you can come across some very interesting phrases. One is “Their pea, my pod.” This is a fantastic way to visualize surrogacy because these four words convey what the surrogacy experience is like. This phrase focuses on the function of a surrogate, which is to carry an embryo within her womb for a full-term pregnancy. The embryo is basically the surrogate’s pod.

Pods protect life

Now what does a pod do? It serves as a protected area where a living organism grows. This is precisely the case during surrogacy. The embryo, which is made up of the Intended Parents’ genetic material, is placed into the surrogate’s womb, and it develops within the surrogate’s “pod”. Granted, if the pod is unhealthy, the baby will not develop in the best way possible. This is why it is very important that a Surrogate live a healthy lifestyle. Her home should be a smoke-free environment. Her intimate circle should help her stay clear of all alcoholic beverages as well as caffeine. Another important limitation should be not taking any sort of drugs. During pregnancy there are certain medicines that a woman should stay clear of to support the baby’s growth and development.

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What does physical care entail?

Eating healthy, well balanced meals and a wide variety of food is essential in order to have a healthy pregnancy. All Omega Family Surrogates are mothers themselves, so they know what they should or should not do regarding the healthy lifestyle that they should have for the sake of the baby. Omega Surrogates have also undergone different types of screening that will provide certainty to the Intended Parents that their surrogate will abide by the activities that ensure the best environment for their baby. If the surrogate should have any questions about food, exercise, or medicines that she should take or steer clear of, Omega Family Surrogates has as strong supportive medical staff, case managers, social workers.  There are fellow Omega Family Surrogates who can provide this information to her.  They even have a facebook group called Omega Surrogate Stories that a person can follow if they choose to get a closer look of what Surrogates and their Intended Parents go through.

What does the emotional care for the Surrogate include?

Another very important aspect, beside the physical one, is the emotional environment in which the Surrogate finds herself during the pregnancy. She should to be happy with her own life and be willing to give. In this part of the journey it is paramount that the Surrogate’s partner and family agree with what she is doing, and are there to support her.

What type of support does Omega Family Surrogates provide?

To provide the emotional support, alongside her family, is the Omega Family Surrogate support team. She can call them anytime she needs support, to talk to an experienced professional that will understand her and provide her with the support she needs when she needs it.


Surrogate must attend medical appointments

The Surrogate must have had at least one healthy full-term pregnancy herself and she must be willing to take the responsibility of caring for the Intended Parent’s unborn child. This means that the Surrogate must attend medical appointments and remain reliable with communication. Although this may seem a given, it is very important that the Surrogate and her support system be very diligent in complying with the medical requirements and communicating with the Intended Parents as agreed upon.

Omega Family Surrogates understand how important these meetings are and how important it is to follow up, and this is why a case manager and other Omega Family staff are there for the Surrogate. She receives well-being calls, reminders. and other helpful supporting communications to guide her along the journey. The fantastic thing about it is that she is not on her own; she has others who care about how she is doing and who do everything they can to help her out.


Omega Family Surrogates takes care of you the way you need to be taken care of.

The continuous attention and activity for the Surrogate provide a full and rich experience for a year or more. Omega Family Surrogates gets to know each Surrogate, and understands when to be there, and when not too. The Surrogate becomes accustomed to close relationships and responses to her needs.

Surrogate support after baby leaves with his or her parents

Once the baby is in the arms of the Intended Parents, she can feel a “let down” as her life goes back to normal. Her body has just given birth, so it has adjustments to make without the thrill of the baby for friends and relatives to react to. It’s possible for her to feel alone during this transition phase. Omega Family Surrogates is still there for support and help if she needs it.

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How to deal with protecting a baby that is not there anymore.

Pregnancy can become emotional and bring out very protective instincts, which are key during the pregnancy. This allows the baby to be protected in the best possible way. Once the baby is born, this protectiveness and attachment on behalf of the Surrogate, must be let go of. This is where family and friends play a vital role in the emotional environment of the Surrogate. It is very important that the Surrogate feel that support and the approval of those who care for her. Her feelings are to be validated and understood, especially because she has just given birth. She has also provided the Intended Parents with the greatest gift, which is that of having their own child.

Omega Family Surrogates will always be there for their Surrogates.  Even though the Surrogate has given the baby to his or her parents, the Surrogate can always find support and comfort with her fellow Surrogates through discussing different issues in person through Surrogate dinners or interacting in our Faceboook Group Omega Surrogate Stories.