Once you have been qualified and have completed the Omega Surrogate Process, and you decide to begin this incredible adventure with us (yay!), there are different compensation packages for Surrogates. Depending on which journey you are starting, whether it is your first, second, or third journey, the amount that you will receive will vary. There are different types of allowances that may be included in your contract, but it all comes down to the agreement you achieve with your Intended Parents during the legal process.

As soon as you become medically and legally cleared, you will fill out your Fund Request Form once a month. There must be a heartbeat confirmation to make sure that a beautiful baby is growing inside your belly, and with that ratification, you will receive payment the following month.

We’ve got you covered!

We know that being pregnant requires preparation. You will receive a non-accountable (no receipts required) monthly expense allowance that you can use for: over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplies like pillows, printing ink, telephone/cellular charges, postage, notary fees, local mileage, tolls and parking.

A chart showing the salaries according to how many times someone has worked with Omega, and what state that person is from.

You also receive injectable medication prior to your embryo transfer; for this, there is a one-time payment per cycle, on the first month following the start of injectable cycle medication. Afterward, you move on to the Embryo Transfer Procedure (sticky thoughts always and fingers crossed!). This fee is a one-time payment made on the first of the month following a completed Embryo Transfer. Depending on your contract, you get reimbursed for any miscellaneous expenses, such as housekeeping, childcare, mileage/transportation, and lost wages for the average period of bed rest after the Embryo Transfer.

Good sportsmanship pays off

If you are pregnant with a single baby or twins (Wow!), you will receive a maternity clothing allowance to help pay for clothes you may need during your pregnancy, because, let’s face it, we can always be “bumping” in style! You also get a one-time Full Participation Bonus! You will receive this payment if you turn in the paperwork within the allotted time frame to the law firm.

If, for any reason, a cycle gets canceled, a Drop Cycle Fee will be given, and you will be compensated on the first of the month following the canceled cycle. If allowed in the contract and the IVF Physician requires you to do a mock cycle to check your reaction to injectable or oral medication, you will be able to request your Mock Cycle Fee.

A pregnant woman covering her face with a book and pointing up.

Now, let’s fast forward to your delivery! If the Intended Parents would like you to pump and you would be willing to, you will be compensated for that and reimbursed for the supplies you purchased for pumping. This would mean a great deal to the Intended Parents and forever appreciated.

You can follow our Facebook Group “Omega Surrogate Stories” and follow along with our Surrogates on their journeys.

With you every step of the way

Of course, during this whole process, you won’t be doing it alone; we are always going to be here walking you through every step and providing any answers you may need.

You might be wondering about the reporting of payments received from the trust. They do not come from Omega Family Global, so we would not issue a 1099 for any of those payments. However, it is crucial you work with your tax professional to determine if and how to report payments from the trust.

To go through this journey might sound overwhelming, but trust me when I tell you that your hard work will pay off, and each journey is unique and entertaining. Welcome to the surrogacy community! Every day is a new day to make life-changing choices, so why not start now?

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