Infertility on the Rise

The number of couples facing infertility has risen across the years. The reasons for this phenomenon are currently being studied to provide a solution for those enduring infertility. In the meantime, couples are considering alternative family creation options. Surrogacy is gaining momentum; this, in turn, means that there is an increasing need for Surrogates.

To become a Surrogate, it is recommended that a woman go through an agency because the agency has experience in dealing with all the details that having a baby for someone else entails. Because of their knowledge and their close work with fertility clinics, certain requirements are set into place to ensure the safety of the baby and the Surrogate.

The importance of understanding why the requirements are set into place reduces the amount of judgment that a woman may feel when not meeting these needs.

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Surrogacy Requirements Do Not Pass Judgement

No more than 5 pregnancies or 2 cesarean sections

Some women are extremely fertile. Their pregnancies go smoothly and many of them have large families. This is a blessing, taking into consideration that there are so many couples who face infertility daily. The easiness with which they have children makes Surrogacy an appealing option because it involves doing something selfless for someone else, going through a pregnancy which is very natural to them, as well as making an income.

What is oftentimes overlooked is that Omega Family Surrogates works closely with national entities that regulate and study reproduction. These organizations have set in place certain limitations to how many pregnancies a woman should or can have before becoming a Surrogate. One of the organizations that set these guidelines is the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

We are grateful to all women who apply with us and at no point is there passing of judgment regarding how many children she chooses to have. What the requirement aims to do is to reduce risks associated with pregnancy to help Intended Parents feel that their Surrogate will be able to have their child.

Government Assistance

There is nothing wrong with receiving government assistance. There are times if life where you need that assistance to get by. Compensated Gestational Surrogacy involves an income that could mean that you would lose the assistance that you currently receive from the government. Omega Family Surrogates does not want you to lose that assistance that you need.

There are certain types of government assistance that you can be on and still qualify as a Surrogate. This is something that is analyzed on a case-by-case basis. The important thing here is that Surrogacy is temporary, and it is not until you are confirmed pregnant that you receive monthly payments. Once the journey is done, and no more payments come in, you would have to apply for the government assistance again.


Becoming a Surrogate involves having your heart in the right place

Gestational Surrogacy does involve an income. The way Surrogates and their families choose to use or invest it is personal and private. What is not personal and private is the way that the Surrogate chooses to treat her body, how she decides to live her lifestyle, and her attitude towards the pregnancy. Through the Facebook group Omega Surrogate Stories, Omega Surrogates tell about their journeys, their relationships, and how important it is to them to have a connection with their Intended Parents. Their hearts are in the right place.

The fact that there are women who need the income and consider Surrogacy as a way to work from home is fine. There is no problem with that thought. The problem becomes when the only reason that a woman wants to be a Surrogate is to generate that income, setting aside what is in the best interest of the baby, the Intended Parents, and herself.

Surrogacy Requirements are not there to pass judgment. They are there to help the baby, the Surrogate, and the Intended Parents go through a wonderful, fruitful and smooth family creation journey. Apply now, and bring family moments to life with Omega Family Surrogates.