Beth was out for her daily walk. Even though it was barely 4:30pm it was already dark, the city looked so pretty, the lights on the trees, holiday music playing all around. People were all bundled up for the cold. Her friend Julie was taking care of her two kids, while she got her exercise. Her due date was coming up, they had said that the baby was going to be due between December 10th and the 15th. She could not help but feel joy chills. The Goodman’s were finally going to be parents, thanks to her and her family.

As she welcomed cool air on her face, pregnancy seemed to make everything so HOT!!!, she thought about how it all began. She had heard a friend talk about what an amazing experience she had had while being a Surrogate. What had caught Beth’s attention was that in this case, the couple had been trying to get pregnant un-successfully so they had their embryos frozen. In that interim, the husband was called to war and was tragically killed. His wife, decided to go forth with Surrogacy and had a boy, who, from what Beth understood looked a lot like the husband.

A cafe with holiday decorations.

Beth had her two kids, she and David were very happy. They could not imagine what it would be like to have their life without their kids. Beth loved being pregnant. That beautiful feeling of having a baby growing inside you. Knowing that you are protecting the baby, helping him or her grow, and so dependent on you. You are everything to one special being. Beth loved how being pregnant gave her a sense of purpose, a sense of fulfillment. So, not only helping others but also being pregnant was a win-win for her.

Her friend who had been a Surrogate invited her to a “Mommy Party” or a Surrogate Get together provided by a Surrogacy Agency in San Diego called Omega Family Surrogates. Beth and David had felt at home. They really bonded with the people were there. They had especially loved the Surrogate Liaison who had been a Surrogate 3 times already. She remains in contact with those parents and the kids.

This was her favorite part of the walk, she was passing a large river that crossed trough the city. There were ferries that would take people from one side of the river the other, and they also had paddle boats with lights. Her son Tannen loved those boats. She felt the baby move inside.

A city skyline at night.

This Surrogate pregnancy had been uneventful, thank goodness. She was looking forward to giving birth, it was going to be a Christmas Baby. The parents were Catholic, and they had already decorated their home for the holidays. Beth, David and the kids had been invited over. They had had fun, and the opportunity to see the Baby’s bedroom. Although Beth knew the gender of the Baby, the Goodman’s did not want to know. She had had to be careful not to let it slip while constantly updating the Goodman’s, but luckily everything had gone well.

A pang of regret reached Beth in her heart, she would not have her continuous conversation with her Case Manager Stephanie, after the baby was born. Stephanie at Omega had insisted that her support would surpass the birth. In reality, Stephanie said that is after the birth that there is more support, because it is in this stage where the difference between a Surrogate pregnancy and a personal one, is dramatically different. Just as an example, Beth would be giving birth without David at her side because he would be taken care of the kids. Thankfully she would have Stephanie and the rest of the Omega team to support her.

Yes, Beth had made the best choice. Omega Family Surrogates was a great surrogacy agency, which supported her every step of the way. The monthly checks that came in, were building up to help save up for the down payment of their house. Their house!! It was almost unbelievable. She was carrying the Goodman’s baby, and her family was going to be able to buy their house.

Mom with children

She took a deep breath, and to her surprise, she realized that she was already back at her own front door. She put the key in the door, smelled the cookies in the oven, waiting to be eaten, and opened the door. Her kids cried “Mommy your back, Mommy your back”… It was so wonderful to be a Surrogate for the Holidays.

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