Medical and legal clearance

Getting medically and legally cleared means you are now able to start the embryo transfer process. The embryo transfer process means that your Intended Parents have set aside their embryos. In order to continue with the transfer, first your body needs to be ready. This is planned according to your menstrual cycle and through hormone shots. Once more you find yourself waiting for your menstrual cycle to carry on with the process.

Embryo transfer ready

Your body is now ready for the embryo transfer! And you now get to be on bed rest for about 3 days. We don’t want you working yourself too hard when something as important as life is at stake. After your embryo transfer, another waiting time comes.

This is the time when you feel the most anxious. You wait for twelve to fourteen days in order to make sure you’re pregnant. If there is a confirmed pregnancy, then you must attend doctors’ appointments weekly afterward until around week 10 of your pregnancy. If the pregnancy test comes out negative, and your Intended Parents have enough embryos, you have to start the embryo transfer process all over again. If your Intended Parents do not have enough embryos, you need to wait again in order for them to have enough embryos of their own, or get them from donors. Whichever direction your journey takes you through, there is always waiting involved.

Am I pregnant yet?

Once you do get pregnant, you get to wait for each medical appointment to arrive, checking and making sure that the baby is growing and as healthy as possible. Being in your third trimester, you are now eagerly waiting for your Intended Parents to arrive for the birth of their baby. Being pregnant in your third trimester, it seems your due date can’t come soon enough.

Delivery day!

The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived! Wait! Your Intended Parents aren’t here yet? Don’t worry! As soon as you go into labor, you should notify your case manager and they will let our liaison team know, and they are there for you no matter what. Even if you are out of state they will fly to wherever you are to be there for you.

This is an experience of a lifetime. You shouldn’t let anything discourage you. It is a process worth waiting for, and you won’t regret it. This is why we are here—to help you through your Surrogacy Journey every step of the way.