With the miracles of modern medicine, surrogacy is an amazing option for people that are unable to have children the traditional way. A surrogate pregnancy is more complicated than a traditional one, and requires precise and knowledgeable coordination of a number of elements:

  • Legal contracts and agreements
  • Health insurance
  • Surrogate selection
  • Coordination between surrogate, IVF Clinic, OBGYN, Hospitals & Parents
  • Ensuring your surrogate has a stress-free, healthy pregnancy

If any of these elements are not handled well, it can create difficult consequences for all parties involved. At Omega, it breaks our heart when we hear the sad stories of failed surrogacy attempts.

That’s why Omega Family Global was designed from the ground up to handle the difficult issues from the start, so parents and surrogates alike can have great surrogate journeys.  Everybody deserves the opportunity to become a parent.