It doesn’t have to be that hard.

When you don’t look the way you want to look, your mind automatically starts seeking solutions. The first thing that everyone tells you when you’re overweight is to diet and exercise. But what if you’re not consistent with diets, you’ve tried this and done that, and nothing naturally flows? Shouldn’t there be something that naturally flows and works?

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At Omega Family Surrogates we work with amazing women who desire to carry someone else’s baby to full term, without being related to the baby. These women must be healthy and have had a child of their own to become what is called a Gestational Carrier, commonly known as a Surrogate. This is why the Omega Family Surrogates team has proven strategies that will help you after you give birth go back to the way you want to look and feel.

Before looking into the simple things that can be done to lead a healthier lifestyle, tally what you are doing now. Yes… it is more than probable that you are already doing healthy things now out of habit, which you don’t even realize. For example, check your diet: do you naturally eat a low salt or sugar content diet? Do you already eat three meals a day at a certain time of day? Have you already begun to reduce the amount of days you eat out versus eating in? See . . . feel good about yourself . . . focus on the things you have already incorporated!

Substitute water for one soda

One of the easy ways to start is by observing how many times a day you have a soda. These carbonated drinks can be so refreshing and a part of your daily life. Don’t take them all away; only when you have a craving for it, just make sure you drink one less a day. The goal would be to reduce your soda consumption. Following this same train of thought, drinking a glass of water does not have to be as lame as it sounds. You can add lime, cucumber, or lemon slices and it will look all fancy and not taste as plain as normal water does.

Carbohydrates after 2pm

Carbs are so delicious. They are also one of the first things that they take away when you start a diet. But how about not terminating your carbohydrate intake, but just altering its time? Instead of eating pasta for dinner, have it for lunch. Pasta is easy to prepare and there are so many different sauces that you can just pour on it, that it is an easy go-to meal. The same goes for bread, rice, and other carbohydrates. Go ahead, eat them, and just change the time of day in which you eat them.

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Our amazing Gestational Carriers or Surrogates are all mothers. They are always looking for ways to take care of their kids. One of the ways they do this is to make sure that they go out and play. They can play at the park, over at friend’s house, in the backyard, whatever it takes to get that extra energy out of them. It’s also important that mothers also take this opportunity to be walking around the park, walking around the play area, and being mobile as much as possible. This way, the heart rate rises and keeps the body healthy. Without even knowing it, you will probably be walking for more than the ideal 30 minutes a day. Keep it up!

Walking does not have to be boring either. It’s a good idea to meet with other others so that the kids all play together, and the mothers walk, talk, and keep an eye on the kids. This enables social time and exercise, not only for the kids but for the mothers as well. When the weather is bad, and walking is not an option, using the stairs, either at work or at home, can be beneficial if done properly.

Doing little things to change your lifestyle towards a healthier one is not as hard as it seems. The best way to achieve results is to start, little by little, until healthy changes become a habit. Omega Family Surrogates encourages you to start with these three easy steps: 1) more water, less soda 2) No carbs after 2p.m., and 3) walking a little bit each day.

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