How many times have we heard that to be a teacher you really must love what you do? The reasoning behind this common belief is that the amount of time, effort, and love that a teacher expends while preparing class, finding ways to communicate with students and parents goes way beyond class time. At heart, teachers are people who are giving, loving and striving to make the world better by providing the necessary tools to their students. This way the students are equipped to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to understand and process the information they need.

There are many teachers who need to have another job, or find other sources of income because being a teacher does not pay the bills. The good thing is that as a part of the education system, many times teacher vacations coincide with those of their children, so this is convenient for parenting. The fact remains though, that teachers are not well paid and therefore look for other ways to make ends meet.

Not only teachers struggle, but other professionals as well. The interesting part is that most people will not consider teaching as an alternative for another income. Teaching involves a lot of heart, patience, and an ability to communicate vital information to others. Not everyone who is looking for some extra income will have what it takes to teach.

The same goes for women who are looking to become Surrogates. It takes a special type of woman to, first of all, consider surrogacy and second, to actually go through with it. It’s a beautiful experience to be able to bring family moments to life for people who are not able to have children naturally, but it also takes altruism, love, a natural inclination to care for others and, most of all, selflessness, just as with the teacher.


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Women who become Surrogates usually make the decision because a close friend or family member had trouble having children. Omega Family Surrogates are all mothers themselves, and once they have decided not to have any more children of their own, they venture out to help others through the Surrogacy Journey. The Surrogacy Journey is motivated by love, altruism, and a profound desire to help others. It’s not that simple for a Surrogate to set her body on a pregnancy journey just for the money. Most women whose primary reason for choosing surrogacy is to make money don’t go through with it. There must be something more profound that would motivate someone to become a Surrogate. There are women who are already on their 2nd or 3rd Surrogacy Journey. They feel as if Surrogacy is allowing them to do something for someone else while enabling them to serve their family as well.

Although teaching and surrogacy both involve getting paid, what motivates those that practice teaching or Surrogacy (or both) is altruism, selflessness, a desire to help others and overall love. This is why it is very important when considering Surrogacy—to make sure that the financial compensation is not the key motivator. There are many things to consider such as having a wonderful Surrogate support group, which could include a partner, parents, siblings and the Surrogate’s own children. The willingness of others to support the Surrogate is very important throughout her journey.


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Speaking of money, surrogacy agencies do provide compensation packages that cover medical expenses and a monthly stipend for the Surrogate. In commercial surrogacy the Surrogate does get paid, but again, most women who only approach Surrogacy for a “quick buck” are in for more than they bargained for. Surrogacy requires a vocation and a support mechanism that not everyone is lucky enough to have. Surrogacy is not for everyone, but for those who would like to help someone become a parent, Surrogacy is a beautiful journey that can not only help the family in need, but provide an income for the Surrogate’s family as well. Surrogacy is not a job; it’s a journey that brings family moments to life.

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