No matter if you are a Surrogate, an Intended Parent, a Case Manager, or someone interested in Surrogacy, Omega Family Surrogates can guide you through a journey in the most comprehensive, simple, and enjoyable manner possible.  Welcome to Omega Family!

Omega Family Surrogates is a Surrogacy Agency that wants to make family creation simple.  The way they accomplish this is by creating an easy process for both Intended Parents and Surrogates.

Who Is Involved in the Surrogacy Process?

Gestational Surrogate (1) is a woman who allows an embryo to develop within her womb, and she is willing to give birth to the child.   The embryo is made up of the genetic material of a man and a woman who is not the Surrogate. There is a legal agreement (2) drawn between the Intended Parents (3) and the Gestational Surrogate.

In the practice of Compensated Gestational Surrogacy, the Surrogate receives money monthly, and extra amounts for certain procedures and situations.  This payment management and administration (4) is usually under the care of the Surrogacy Agency.

The matter of communication between the Gestational Surrogate and the Intended Parents (5) is a fundamental part of the Surrogacy Journey.

The Gestational Surrogate becomes pregnant through Invitro Fertilization that is performed within a Fertility Clinic (6).  The Gestational Surrogate must pass medical exams (7), as well as a visit with the psychologist (8) to make sure that the she is physically and psychologically ready for a Surrogacy Journey.

For the Surrogate to enjoy her journey and create bonds with other Surrogates who serve Intended Parents, there is Surrogate Support (9) involving Case Managers, Surrogate activities, and family activities that are all organized through the Surrogacy Agency. This is to ensure that the Surrogate has a rewarding experience and transmits all that joy to the Intended Parents’ baby.

Why is professional coordination important in the Surrogacy Journey?

The agency recognizes that the Surrogacy Process entails 5 components, each with its own people, procedures, timetables, and expectations.     Omega Family Global provides impartial coordination that allows each component to work in optimal conditions.

  1. Legal: Both the Surrogate and the Intended Parents have contracts that explain in detail what is expected of each of them, and what their rights and obligations are through the Surrogacy Journey. Both will have a background check performed so that Omega is sure that all participants are people that can work together safely and at low risk. At Omega Family Surrogates, each party has its own contract and legal representation to clearly protect the best interest of each.
  2. Financial: To avoid any misunderstanding along the Journey regarding payments, the Intended Parents open a Trust Fund where all the Surrogate’s compensation is placed before the embryo transfer. This fund allows the Surrogate to remain assured that no matter what happens during the Surrogacy Experience, she will always be paid for her service.
  3. Medical: Both the Surrogate and Intended Parents are tested medically. The Intended Parents already have to proove that for some reason they are unable to have children.  The Surrogate must prove that she is able to have a child and that she is psychologically prepared to become a Surrogate.
  4. Support: Omega Family Surrogates has a support team for the Surrogate that will be there for her emotional, financial, and medical needs at any time. The Intended Parents have their support system as well through the Case Manager.  The agency serves as a communication link between the two parties without inconveniencing either one of them.

Omega Family Surrogates is an All-in-One Surrogacy Solution

Omega Family Global is a company whose purpose is to put all the details of the Surrogacy Process in one place.

  • Omega Family Global Helps Intended Parents through the financial, legal, and matching processes. The company secures and helps communication flow between the IPs and the Surrogate so that the IPs feel comfortable and taken care of throughout the process.
  • Omega Family Genetics serves as a genetic bank for those parents who are looking for a gamete donation and provides a place for men and women to donate their gametes for family creation purposes.
  • Omega Family Surrogates takes care of the Surrogate throughout the journey, from legal preparation, matching process, pregnancy, and delivery. This care is expressed through medical appointment follow-up, form filling, and emotional support.   There are also Surrogate dinners where Surrogates meet and talk about their unique experiences.
  • Omega Family Services guides, supports, and accompanies Intended Parents and Surrogates through the insurance aspect of Surrogacy. Omega Family Services will make sure that the Surrogate, baby, and Intended Parents are covered through the whole process.

The All-in-One solution was created by professionals who know all of the in’s and outs of Surrogacy You will have to deal with only one company to solve any of the issues that may come along the way.  This will ease your mind, and make family creation a simple, successful, and joyful experience.