Two separate companies

The bankruptcy of Omega Family Services (OFS), doing business as Lyfgro (previously named Prime Insurance Solutions) has created confusion regarding the ongoing operations of the Omega Family Global (OFG) surrogacy agency. These are two separate companies.

Captive insurance company consultant

Omega Insurance Company (OIC) was working with OFS, the insurance agency, and partnered with a captive insurance company consultant.  Many other companies outside of the surrogacy industry did so as well. Allegations of fraud surfaced against this captive insurance company consultant.  This destroyed Omega Family Service’s ability to provide insurance for the surrogacy industry. OFG, the surrogacy agency, continues to work with the highest standards of professionalism, expertise, and integrity.

Omega Family Global

OFG was founded to prevent the confusion, frustration, and distress felt by both parents and gestational carriers caused by ill-managed surrogacy journeys. OFG professionals observed that available health insurance for surrogacies failed in many ways. In fact, many health insurance plans simply would not cover surrogacy because it didn’t fit the typical insurance company mold. Traditional plans often didn’t cover the specialists preferred by parents and surrogates. Further, premiums and policy coverage could change at any time based on the insurance carrier’s discretion, which created a lot of stress for everybody involved.

Aiming to serve the surrogacy community better

To fix these issues and serve our community better, Omega Family Global invested in a new insurance company. Part of the investment included branding, to help jumpstart awareness, which is how the name Omega Family Services came to be. Omega Family Services, the insurance agency, is a completely separate company from Omega Family Global, the surrogacy agency.

Omega Family Services partnered with this consultant in order to create a law-abiding insurance company, a completely separate company named Omega Insurance Company. Omega Insurance Company created the PregnancyCare policy, enjoying a strong launch because it solved a key problem for the surrogacy community.

Investigating the captive insurance company consultant

Omega Insurance Company, Omega Family Services, along with many other insurance companies and agencies that partnered with this consultant no longer exist because of fraud allegations brought against the consultant and the subsequent inability to retain licensing or to issue new policies. In fact, the severity of the misrepresentation has drawn the attention of the FBI, with whom Omega Family Services is fully cooperating to facilitate a timely resolution.

The OFG surrogacy agency continues to serve with the highest degree of professionalism, expertise, and care. Any Omega Family Global surrogate or parent affected by the fallout of this case is strongly advised to contact their case manager or Surrogacy Adviser if they haven’t done so already. Omega Family Global protects the baby, the surrogate, and intended parents at all times.

Contact Information

Omega Family Global surrogacy agency, regrets the confusion that this situation has caused and is open to questions about this issue. Our contact information is as follows:
Phone: 619-786-6050