Moms should consider becoming Digital Nomads

Technological progress has allowed professionals to work from their computers as long as they have a power source and access to the internet. The term Digital Nomad has become popular because a lot of young professionals are choosing to travel the world, and hop from one place to another to learn of new cultures, while creating an income from the computer.

Another group of skills that can be executed outside of a traditional office is that of blogging, You Tubing, editing, translating, web developing and now even working at home for online call center platforms. This release from the workplace also enables parents to stay at home and be present for their children, even though they are formally generating an income.

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Surrogacy can be a temporary alternative source of income

Surrogacy is an income-generating activity that allows a woman to continue her normal daily life and generate an income for her family. She agrees to carry a baby for someone who is unable to do so. All Surrogates must be mothers, so they already know what life is like during a pregnancy; they know how to communicate their needs in the workplace as well as at home. They already have a network set for those days when they feel especially tired. A mother also knows how to incorporate doctors’ appointments and activities related to the pregnancy with the support of her family and friends. With the help of Omega Family Global this aspect of life just got easier.

Omega Family Global Surrogacy Agency

Omega Family Global is a Surrogacy Agency that facilitates pregnancy and everything that comes along with it. A woman who becomes a Surrogate with Omega has a case manager assigned to her, as well as a Surrogate Support team that will guide her through the emotional part of the process. The Surrogate will belong to a wonderful circle of amazing women who choose Surrogacy as their way to give back to their community.

How does your daily life change with Surrogacy?

Time Management. There are documents that the Surrogate must provide the agency prior being accepted into the program. These documents may come with fees and wait times. It is important to keep a straight line of communication with the Surrogate Support team so that everyone understands when the documents will be obtained, and to understand the possible wait times. During pregnancy, there are a series of medical appointments she must fit into her schedule. As a Surrogate these appointments are frequent, but they are planned. If appointments or document retrieval times are communicated in an upfront and simple manner, they can be integrated into the Surrogate’s daily activities and/or professional workplace.

Helping Personal, Professional, and Faith Circles Understand Surrogacy. Surrogates will converse with people in the workplace, faith organizations, and social circles who will not comprehend why someone would want to become pregnant with someone else’s child. Omega Family Global helps the Surrogate understand that most people are more familiar with infertility and adoption than with Surrogacy. Omega Family Global is an authority in the field and has plenty of resources that can help a Surrogate teach and motivate others to understand why Intended Parents extend their families through Surrogacy. Surrogates, therefore, become ambassadors for Surrogacy and for the plight of Intended Parents.

Support Circle Omega Family Global is a true believer that when amazing people are brought together, amazing things happen. This is why Omega Family Global organizes Surrogate dinners where those interested in Surrogacy can come and listen to what goes on during the journey. These moments are key to creating lasting friendships and to receiving the necessary support to undergo the Surrogacy process. There are certain thoughts, feelings, and situations that are particular to a Surrogacy pregnancy. These things are discussed and understood by Omega Surrogates.

How do Surrogates use the income?

Extra income for the household (especially one with kids) is very important. Prices are always on the rise, and parents are always looking for the best quality of life for their kids and for their partner. Surrogates have been able to help with the down payment of a house, or have had the opportunity to travel thanks to the income provided by Surrogacy. Not only did the income help them, but the relationships created with the Intended Parents, in some cases, have led to an extended family relationship.

New ways to generate income appear every day. Who would have thought that by getting likes on a You Tube video, the company would offer to pay the creator of that video? According to business journals most school-age children are preparing themselves for jobs that have yet to exist. With this in mind, it is important to realize that Surrogacy is an income-generating activity that can coexist with a family’s routine, while providing an extra income that can help the household. Not only is it another way to make money, it also generates gratification and purpose that not every source of income can provide.

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