Surrogacy is a medically assisted family creation option, and therefore there are requirements and conditions set into place to protect the well-being of the Surrogate and the baby. You may think that to be a Surrogate, all you should need is to want to help people have children of their own. Unfortunately, no. In this blog we explain some of the reasons why.

I am on Section 8. Section 8 applicants not accepted: Section 8 is a government program that helps low-income families pay their rent. Gestational Surrogacy does not provide a long-term income that would allow the Surrogate’s family to get off this sort of government subsidy. The Surrogate and her family must be financially stable on their own. The application process involves tests and medical records that must be obtained prior to an applicant being accepted as a Surrogate. There are certain medical clinics that can charge more than $100 US to obtain medical records. This is out-of-pocket money that the Surrogate must pay. If a Surrogate and her family are receiving section 8 support, there is a risk that the Surrogate and her family will not be able to pay out-of-pocket costs, despite these being reimbursed by Omega Family Surrogates.

Distraught couple

My spouse/partner does not support Surrogacy. Being a Surrogate involves support from the Surrogate’s family and close circle. There are moments in which a Surrogate may need help with her own kids, or support for doctor’s office appointments. This is very similar to a person deciding to have more than one child. We invite you to follow Cat’s Surrogacy Journey where you can appreciate the amount of support that she receives from her husband Ryan. There are some women who have a spouse or significant other; others may have sisters and close friends. How your support group is formed is not important; the important thing is that you have people you can count on for assistance.

I live in an ineligible Location. Omega Family Surrogates works with Surrogates who live in 5 states that accept Gestational Surrogacy: California, Illinois, Nevada, Texas, or Washington. To determine eligibility for this requirement, the most common Identification document is a state issued driver’s license. There may be women whose ”significant other” is the one who has the license, and this is valid as well. The important thing to remember is that the Surrogate must have a way to get to the doctors’ appointments, IVF clinics, and also the Surrogate Get-Togethers that Omega organizes so that the Surrogates get to know each other and have an additional support group. If you do not reside in one of these states, but do comply with the rest of the requirements, then you will be temporarily disqualified until you live in a permitted state.

If you live in California, Illinois, Nevade, Texas, or Washington you can help intended parents

I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POCS). According to the Modern Medicine Networks ( polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition in which the ovaries accumulate tiny “cysts” (actually little follicles, two to five millimeters in diameter, each of which contains an egg). Instead of the follicles growing and going on to ovulate they stall and secrete male hormone into the blood. 20% of women have this condition derived from the father’s side of the family.

Although a universally accepted set of symptoms has yet to be determined, there are two indicators that doctors use to diagnose POCS. First of all, the woman must present an unusually high amount of male hormones called hyperandrogenism. Second, she is affected by irregular menstruation or lack of ovulation. These two conditions are present when a woman is diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

It is also in the interest of a potential Surrogate to understand that there are different degrees of disqualification. You could be temporarily disqualified, or permanently disqualified.

Temporarily Disqualified means that there is a situation or condition that is subject to change, for example, if when you applied you lived in Wisconsin but you are planning to move to Texas, you would be temporarily disqualified. You would become active once your move was permanent to Texas.

Permanently Disqualified means that you do not meet a requirement, and there isn’t a way to change it. For example, of you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POCS) that is a definite cause for disqualification.

I want to be a Surrogate but… I do have to comply with all the basic requirements and medical conditions that the Surrogacy Agency asks for. It is important to comply with them for the well-being not only of the Surrogate but of the baby as well. As Omega Family Surrogates we are thrilled to be able to Bring Family Moments to Life in the healthiest and nurturing way possible.