Congrats! You are already taking the first step needed to become a surrogate mom, which is, being informed. Surrogacy is a complex subject. Not many women can take on this challenge; however, the good news is that many of them can. If you find interest in helping others and you enjoy being pregnant, then you already have half of the requirements checked. Of course, other key elements will eventually determine if you can qualify for this magnificent journey. Let’s get into them, shall we?

One main thing to have clear is that surrogacy entails a long process. Please know that even if you meet the surrogacy agency’s requirements, most of the couples using the service have preferences of their own when selecting a surrogate mom. This should not dissuade you. Bearing someone else’s baby is not anything close to an easy process. Tolerance, patience, and compassion will be valuable friends of yours if you are thinking of pursuing this opportunity.

Now it’s time to get a bit more technical and discuss the medical and legal aspects. The list below will provide you with an explanation of the process as well as the essentials needed to become a Surrogate. To find additional information you can reach out to us by clicking on the “contact us” option in the menu bar. You can also click here for easy access.

Procedures and requirements to become a Surrogate:

  • Surrogate moms are required to be between 21 and 36 and to have had at least one uncomplicated pregnancy. They also need to meet a Body Mass Index (BMI) equal to or under 30. A higher BMI can create complications for both health and fertility. The good news is that you can work on it to meet the requirement. You can read more about BMI here.
  • You will need to go under medical screening to make sure there are not any viruses, diseases or infections that may affect your fertility or the pregnancy. This also includes drug tests. Bear in mind that your partner might be required to be screened for STDs and drug use as well.

  • You will also be examined by mental health specialists. Emotional health is very important because Intended Parents are relying on you to be able to birth their child. A lot of strength and a sense of responsibility are required for a surrogate mom. The agency and the Intended Parents need to be certain you are a good fit to take on this journey.
  • Once the agency can confirm you are a happy and healthy bird, you will be given more information about the legal process, which includes items such as monetary compensation, privacy agreements, your responsibilities as a surrogate mom, and more.
  • Surrogates can earn from $40,000 to $85,000 depending on the agreement and surrogate experience; if you have previous experience the compensation can be higher. Other types of compensation might be considered by the couple involved, however, the intention of becoming a surrogate mom should not be based on the money alone. Although you will be able to help your family financially and you will be earning money while being at home with your children, the intention is for Surrogates to help other people have children of their own and to focus on making the process a good experience for the parents.
  • It’s always best to work with legal counsel to make sure all your expectations and interests are protected. Once legal contracts are clear and both parties agree to the terms, you will be ready to start the most exciting part, which is the fertility process. During this stage, you will visit the fertility clinic regularly to monitor your blood pressure and have routine ultrasounds and general check-ups. This information will be clearly explained throughout the qualification steps.

Please note that Omega is known for providing great possibilities, not only for you but also for the Intended Parents. The selection process is handled carefully, as potential surrogates need to be applying for all the right reasons. The right Surrogate with the right Intended Parents creates a very fulfilling experience, benefiting everyone involved.

If you meet the requirements above and you believe you have the heart, the willingness, and the desire to help a couple with starting a family, then you are just steps away from becoming a Surrogate. Please contact us here so we can provide more personalized assistance and start the prequalification process.

Good luck with starting a life-changing journey. Many couples are already thanking you for taking the first step.

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