The United States mandates that all surrogacy deliveries happen at a hospital. This ensures that every medical resource can be set in place in case of an emergency.  Therefore, Omega Family Global -OFG- staff has created strong relationships with hospitals to be able to provide the best service to both Surrogates and  Intended Parents -IP-.

As the world deals with the Coronavirus pandemic, hospitals must adapt.  Services should treat those affected by Covid-19 and well as provide regular medical assistance. OFG aims to raise awareness for  Surrogates and IPs about how delivery regulations have changed.

Getting to know the Hospital

Surrogates and IPs must have the name and location of the delivery hospital at hand. If possible, a surrogate should book a tour at the hospital and learn the registration process beforehand.  When the time comes, she and those who support her will be ready to enter the hospital.   On the other hand, IPs should find a hotel in the vicinity of the hospital especially if they are international.  COVID-19 quarantine protocols vary from hospital to hospital. IPs and third parties enter the hospital if they follow hospital protocols.

Hospital Entrance Protocols

During COVID-19 restrictions, those who wish to enter the hospital may undergo new entry protocols. The hospital staff could take IPs or third party’s temperature.  Hospital authorities ask for proof that visitors participated in quarantine measures if from out of town. In other instances, hospitals will ask for IPs to show their airplane tickets, stubs, or proof of present and past lodging. IPs can prepare the paperwork in advance to make the arrival to the hospital and taking the baby home as easily as possible.

People allowed in the hospital

Hospital rules regarding how many people can accompany a pregnant woman at birth vary. Some hospitals allow the husband or one support person in and others are saying none.  If a surrogate has a doula she must see if the hospital will allow her to have a doula or not.

In some cases, IPs may be allowed to enter the hospital once their child is born because the baby becomes a patient. Hospitals allow one person to be inside the facility per patient. If the IPs are unable to be at the birth, the person that they have given the power of attorney to (POA), must be aware of all the hospital procedures necessary to be able to take the baby home.

Important Bullet Points

  • IPs and surrogates should familiarize themselves with their hospital and protocols set for deliveries now in place due to the Coronavirus.
  • POA’s should be set in place, just as a precaution.
  • As Omega Surrogates, you always have someone to talk to. You can choose if you do it through the phone, instant messaging, or through social media.  If you need us, we will be there to the best of our abilities.

Thank you!

Omega is prepared for the Coronavirus.  We want to thank everyone who has been and continues to be an active part of our Omega Family and we encourage you to stay safe, take care of others, and keep Bringing Family Moments to Life.