Infertility is a condition that is continually studied, and every day there are new procedures that could assist the rising numbers of healthy couples that are not getting pregnant. For some people becoming pregnant is so simple, and it’s something that they try to avoid until the time is right. If you are fertile and you want to help those who are not so lucky, there are ways that you can do so.


If you are already a mother and are not going to have any more children, compensated Gestational Surrogacy could be something to consider. The fact that this type of surrogacy is income-generating can help your own family. The payments come in consistently after the pregnancy is confirmed, but there are many bonuses and compensated activities that do bring in money before becoming pregnant.


Gestational Surrogacy means that the embryo that is implanted inside the Surrogate’s uterus is not biologically related to her. The egg and sperm used to make the embryo belong to the child’s biological mother and father. In this type of Surrogacy, the Gestational Carrier (another way of saying Surrogate) allows her body to change and give birth to someone else’s child. In no way is the baby related to the Surrogate. This way of helping a couple who face infertility is extremely intimate and personal.



Becoming a Surrogate is not the only way to help infertile couples. Spread the word about surrogacy. Talk about the blessings surrogacy can bring to a family who faces infertility. Contribute with helpful, happy, and amazing stories of those who have been benefited by surrogacy.

Help lay misconceptions to rest. When surrogacy began during the 1960s, many people became afraid because some Surrogates fought for custody of the babies they carried. In these cases, the Intended Parents did get custody of the children. However, it’s important to know that those babies were created with the Surrogates’ eggs. In Gestational Surrogacy, as mentioned before, the carrier of the baby is in no way related to the child. Regardless, many people still don’t want to talk about surrogacy.

Be the one who helps others understand that surrogacy is a medically assisted family creation option. This means that when the natural way of having a child does not play out, doctors come into the picture. Invitro is also a medically assisted method, but if the mother cannot carry, the medical procedure is done with a Surrogate who will go through the pregnancy.

Omega Family Surrogates has an array of resources such as blogs, e-books, a monthly newsletter, and all the information placed on social media channels that can help you learn more about surrogacy and tell others all about it. If you want to meet our Surrogates, you can go to the Surrogate support groups or join Omega Surrogate Stories on Facebook. Each Surrogate is different and has her way of looking at things. You can interact, ask questions, and express your thoughts through their pages or on the group itself.

Another hands-on approach is to attend the Surrogate Dinners where the Surrogate Liaison team joins Surrogates and others who are interested in surrogacy. These get-togethers are a great place to go and get your questions answered. That way when you speak to others about Surrogacy you will have firsthand information about the journey and its outcome.


Another way to help couples who face infertility is by your becoming an egg donor, and if your significant other is on board and would like to become a sperm donor that too is a way to contribute. Omega Family Genetics is specialized in gamete donation. Visit the Omega Family Genetics website and learn more about how you could donate your egg to help a family bring their family to life.

two friends


There is always that friend who has a heart of gold. If you consider that she would be a good candidate for surrogacy, with her consent you can recommend her to become a Surrogate. If she becomes matched you get a bonus, and she is going to be paid throughout the journey. Omega Family Surrogates places resources at your disposal. Both of you can become more and more familiar with Surrogacy. This will help you both.


Little by little the surrogacy community grows to help families who face infertility and wish to have children. You can be a part of that. Whatever way you choose to help is one step closer to helping others make their dream of having children come true. Omega Family also provides services such as egg donation as well as guidance for Intended Parents.

Call us and join our wonderful community in any way that helps you know that you are part of something amazing.

Call us and join our wonderful community in any way that helps you know that you are part of something amazing.

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