Being a surrogate ̶ a wonderful feeling!  

A compensated surrogacy journey allows a woman to provide for her family while she blesses others with a child.  This is an experience that no surrogate ever forgets.  She probably has t-shirts saying: Proud Surrogate as well as dozens of photos on her phone of her surro-baby.  As an Omega Family Global surrogate, she may still have phone numbers of many of her fellow surrogates.  Not to mention, videos of the surrogate get-togethers she attended, whether online or in person.

Sometimes… one surrogacy journey is just not enough.

How to get started…. Again

The first time around the application process is new.  This time, a repeat surrogate spends more of her time updating the information she has already provided.

  • Step 1: Contact the Omega Family Global Intake Coordinators:

    A repeat surrogate should contact the recruitment team the moment she beings considering a second journey. This does not mean she needs to begin immediately; it gives the recruitment team time begin updating the profile.  To do so, the repeat surrogate will be asked to update her photos and provide a copy of her driver’s license, even if it’s the same one as in the previous journey.

  • Step 2: Medical Records:

    Although a surrogate provided her medical records during her first journey, she must re-submit them to include the information belonging to her surrogacy pregnancy.

Good differences

  • Calls are shorter:

    Recruitment calls serve to go over and confirm information rather than get to know the surrogate.

  • Compensation:

    An experienced surrogate does receive more compensation than a first-time surrogate. Also, the surrogate should review the compensation package to clearly understand what she is entitled to. Based on her previous experience, she can suggest coverage of certain items that could be helpful to her journey .

 Things that don’t change

  • Waiting for medical records:

    No matter if it’s the surrogate’s first or second time requesting medical records, the doctor’s office’s response time doesn’t change.  Using portals, whether it be the doctor’s office or the hospital, may reduce waiting times.   Therefore, signing up for the portals is a good idea. Working with them can get medical records to the surrogate sooner.  Also, Omega Family Global (OFG) can request the medical records.

  • Background Check & Psychological Screening:

    Every time a woman applies to become a surrogate, a background check is performed no matter how much time has passed since her last surrogacy.  The same holds true for the phycological evaluation.


The wonderful thing about working with the same agency for the second journey is that the whole process is familiar.  Surrogates are comfortable with the staff and other surrogates. They also understand how the agency operates and what to expect from a surrogacy journey. It feels like coming back home.


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Omega Family Global ̶ we love for our surrogates to feel at home… with us.