When entering the Surrogacy Journey, both the gestational carrier (GC) and her family have expectations to be met by the intended parents (IPs). The IPs, on the other hand, have expectations to be met by the GC. Both parties really want the whole process to go as smoothly as possible and hope to maintain the type of relationship they have chosen. This is how the surrogacy agency plays a vital role because it helps pick and choose which IPs go with which GC. The task of finding that connection between IPs and GCs is vital.

Not everyone finds a match quickly. Both IPs and GCs may have to go through more than one interview. This is absolutely normal and is a natural part of the process. IPs and GCs should feel that they are getting the best match possible and that they have support from Omega Family Global (OFG).

Written Connection

When intended parents fill out their application to become part of the Omega Family Global Agency, they describe who they are and why they are choosing surrogacy as their family creating option. The surrogate applying to OFG also describes her intentions for becoming a surrogate. The intentions that both documents contain are the basis for what in the future will become the relationship that develops between the IPs and the GC.

This is a perfect opportunity to lay out expectations, so that when the interview comes along, these are clear and surprises will be kept to a minimum. This will also support OFG’s matching efforts because it will be very clear to them what both the IPs and the Gestational Carrier expect from their matching counterpart.

Connecting Expectations

For a relationship to be successful, both parties must respect each other.  The matching meeting provides the opportunity to develop an understanding between IPs and the GC.  During the meeting, they discuss their feelings and the reasons they have to enter a Surrogacy Journey together. They can also discuss cultural and lifestyle differences.

Honesty is the best policy. IPs and GCs should openly discuss topics that they feel strongly about as soon as they can.  For example, if IPs prefer a phone conversation as opposed to Zoom, it should be brought up at the meeting.  If the GC does not want to carry twins, she can say so. Surrogacy calls for an intimate relationship.  IPs and GCs must be prepared to discuss private medical and lifestyle details openly.  If the match meeting “falls through” because of these situations, it is alright — there is somebody for everybody.

Some IPs say that it is important for them to show the GC or surrogate that they are good people, who have just had the misfortune of not being able to carry a baby to full term. They wish to show her and her family that they are preparing in the best way and that they will be the best parents their child could ever dream of.

IPs will have a  close look at the surrogate’s health. Some intended mothers may be too weak to carry a child, so naturally, they look for someone healthy who has no issues with birthing a healthy child. The requirement that a surrogate must already have had a child sets the IPs’ concerns at rest. This is one of the benefits of a surrogate already having had a child, because she can put the IP’s doubts to rest.

Visual Connection

When meeting a person for the first time, what do people notice? What do observations tell them about the person? The answers to these questions apply to IPs and GCs when they meet for the first time. Both of them should aim to put their best foot forward.

Dress accordingly

The first time IPs and GCs meet is for the match meeting. Both IPs and GCs should dress nicely because it shows that they are respectable and take the relationship seriously. According to psychologists, the aspects that people perceive either consciously or unconsciously are posture, type of language, and personal neatness. In many cases, the first contact will not be in person, but on a virtual platform.

Be yourself

To make an honest connection both IPs and GCs must be themselves.  They should answer the questions honestly, voice their feelings and concern with the utmost respect while remaining warm and friendly.  Both IPs and GCs want to be matched with someone who will respect their wishes and make them feel comfortable.





The Surrogate Connection is very important. It entails many different aspects, and each journey is personalized to the needs, wants, and expectations of the gestational carrier and the intended parents. Omega Family Global is to simplify the process, to answer your questions, and make the surrogate connection strong, easy, and beautiful.

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