Surrogacy and Horror Stories

Surrogacy is often associated with fearful horror stories: The Intended Parents do not pay the Surrogate Mother; The Surrogate is not provided with medical or legal protection; The Surrogate becomes pregnant in a clandestine environment with full disregard for hygiene and prenatal care; The Intended Parents come to take their child home and the Surrogate claims it as her own. All these disastrous situations can be avoided if the process is handled professionally.

The importance of having questions about Surrogacy answered correctly

There are questions that arise during the process that, if not answered in a coherent manner, can immediately eliminate Surrogacy as a family creation option. These questions include: What if the Surrogate pays for something and is not reimbursed? Who can protect the Surrogate? Who will take care of her? What about when the Surrogate does not communicate with the Intended Parent and the IP has no way of knowing if the Surrogate is taking care of herself? Who protects the IPs?

The fears have been repeatedly expressed in documentaries and articles, creating misunderstanding and chaos around Surrogacy. Omega Family Global was created to end those fears, to create a framework where IPs, Surrogates, IVF clinics, and the agency can work in a professional and corporate manner to achieve family creation.

Safe and structured family creation

Omega Family Global offers safe and structured family creation

Surrogacy is one of the family creation methods that allows the parents to have a child to whom they are genetically related. Omega Family Global understands that there are worries and insecurities that both Surrogates and Intended Parents face when choosing Surrogacy as their family creation option. Omega Family Global makes sure that everyone is provided with all the necessary information to ensure a fruitful Surrogacy Journey.

The common worries:

  • Can the Surrogate have a healthy pregnancy? The Intended Parents need to feel that a Surrogate has the capacity to have a child and complete a delivery, without encountering a high-risk pregnancy. This is why Omega Family Global requires all their Surrogates to be mothers prior to the Surrogacy Journey. If a potential Surrogate has yet to be a mother, Omega Family Surrogates puts her on temporary disqualification until she has had her first child.
  • Will the Surrogate lead a healthy lifestyle that will benefit my baby’s health? Omega Family Global has a Surrogate Support Team that is constantly monitoring the Surrogate to make sure that she is taking care of herself. Members of the Omega Family Global team have been Surrogates themselves and understand what the Surrogate goes through and what she needs. The Surrogate Support Team oversees that the Surrogate is taken care of by an OG/GYN, that she takes her vitamins, has her shots, and does everything needed to keep her body healthy for her sake and the baby’s sake. The secret behind the Surrogate Support team is truly knowing and trusting the Surrogate to be able to guide and support her.

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  • How will the Intended Parents and the Surrogate be legally protected from the common “what if’s?” When the matching process is complete, both the Surrogate and the IPs are comfortable with their decision and have a positive outlook on the journey. They trust that the person or people they chose to work with are going to act in good faith towards reaching the family creation goal. Nevertheless, Omega Family Global provides two lawyers, one that represents the IPs and one for the Surrogate. Each lawyer protects the interest of their client through the Gestational Service Agreement or GSA. The GSA protects both the Surrogate and the IPs against “what if” situations that could feed Surrogacy fears.
  • What if I have the Intended Parents’ baby and do not get paid or reimbursed for pregnancy-related costs? When Intended Parents decide to go forth with their Surrogacy Journey with Omega Family Global, they must establish a Trust Fund that includes the total payment for the Surrogate during the Journey. This means that the embryo transfer can’t take place unless the Trust Fund is complete. Omega Family Surrogates receive a monthly payment starting when the doctors confirm the baby’s heartbeat, and out-of-pocket expenses related to the pregnancy are reimbursed by Omega Family Global. The Surrogate has direct communication with the Surrogate Support Team that can guide her in any cost-related issue she may have.

The Omega Family Surrogacy Framework

Omega Family Global provides a framework that allows each party to feel protected. During the Omega Family Surrogacy experience, each party feels comfortable regarding what they have signed up for, what they receive in return and has peace of mind that everyone is working towards family creation happiness and success. Omega Family Global is Corporate with a capital C and Professional with a capital P because they believe that by providing a strong, yet adaptable, the framework they allow the family creation dream to come true without unnecessary complications and concerns.


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