The Poem

To Our Surrogate

We are but mother and father in waiting,

Our children have been in our hearts since the moment we started dating.

With them always in mind, we bought our house close to school,

But without them our house seems empty, it seems almost cruel.

We dream of our holidays together, eating wonderful food and laughing under the tree,

We want to see our family grow, we want to see our children succeed.

We have not lost hope, and in you, we wish to find

Exactly what we are looking for, someone compassionate and kind.

Help us Bring our Family Moments to Life,

By becoming our Surrogate and put an end to our strife.

A Little Something Extra

Jennifer held Jim and Terry’s poem.  This was the first time IPs had included something extra within their questionnaire.  She had a Good feeling about the IPs and immediately called her Surrogacy Advisor Maggie. She loved calling her because she was available to her.

The Sought for Connection

Hi Jennifer, how are you? Maggie greeted. Maggie really enjoyed talking with her potential surrogates. It was so wonderful to have a job where she created real connections with the people she cared about. Maggie herself had been a Surrogate so she understood what the whole process was about. Her surrogacy was done at Omega Family Global, and thanks to the amazing support she had gotten from the team, she was motivated to become an Omega Case Manager for Surrogates. There is something magical about understanding where someone comes from and being able to help them through this journey.

Hi Maggie, thanks for picking up. Listen, I am reviewing that IP application you gave me. The IP’s names are Jim and Terry, I really liked them. Did you know that they met in New York? That is where I grew up! … Jennifer and Maggie had one of those wonderful friendly conversations. Jennifer always felt that Maggie had all the time in the world for her. She knew in practical terms that was not the case, Maggie surely had other potential Surrogates to attend to, but Jennifer always felt fantastic, she felt cared for, and that was one of the reasons she was thankful for working with Omega Family.

After hanging up, Jennifer know that it wouldn’t be long before she met Jim and Terry. Since they both live in California, she wanted to see if it was possible to meet in person. She knew that Maggie would do her best to accommodate her.

Jim and Terry had just come back from another of Omega’s Surrogate get-togethers. This time Jim went along and listed to everything he was able to. He had met Robert, Robert´s wife was an active surrogate on her second trimester. Robert joked around and said that he too was a Surrogate. That sounded funny to Jim, because how was Robert going to be a Surrogate? The way Robert had explained it is that he was to assume a sort of paternal role, because he was going to accommodate his wife and her pregnancy. There were times where his wife was not going to be able to take care of the kids, and he was going to have to find alternatives. The good thing was that Omega provided a stipend for child care and other things such as maternal clothing, so that really helped out.

Returning home, after the “mommy party” as they called it, Terry´s heart sank as she planned to call Omega the next day to see how the matching process was coming along. They had told her that it would take approximately 3 months for the matching process would be complete. They had already met two potential Surrogates. They seemed great, Terry had really liked Melinda but Jim had not felt the connection there, so they decided to wait for the next Surrogate that Omega would recommend. Hopefully the next meeting could be arranged soon.

So much time had already passed with them not being able to get pregnant, and their friends children seemed to grow at light speed… would their children ever play with kids who were already 5 or 6 years older than their unborn child? So many doubts…she knew she had to stay positive, but sometimes it was very hard.

A few days later Jennifer was contacted by Omega, and they told her that a meeting with Jim and Terry Larson had been arranged. Jennifer immediately called her husband Mathew and asked him if he wanted to join. The meeting was arranged at a local restaurant. Everyone was nervous and excited. Terry and Jim, Mathew and Jennifer, as well as Maggie all got together and headed towards their table. It was a wonderful experience, everyone seemed to get along, and there was a familiarity that made everyone feel at ease. Jim found out that Mathew was Robert´s friend and it had been Robert´s wife who had referred Jennifer to become an Omega Surrogate. If Jennifer was matched, then Robert´s wife would receive a bonus. Everything seem to flow, and that was a blessing.

Terry and Jennifer got to talking about the poem that was written. They also spoke about living in New York, local restaurants they seemed to enjoy. A new relationship was begin born and that made them feel that they were becoming part of something special. Mathew and Jim were both American football fans, but they were not fans of the same team. Being that they lived close by, they decided that they would get together to watch some football as long as their teams were not playing together…. a connection made.

Maggie went home that night with a warm feeling in her heart. This is what it was all about, relationships being built, family moments coming to life… little by little great people were connected by gratitude and selfless acts of love.

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