One Step Further

Go further than any surrogate has gone before!


We know you have been an amazing surrogate;

We know you have become the miracle intended parents needed.

Would you be willing to go one step further?

You’ve got an eye for surrogates!

You know what it takes to get that profile out;

You know what it’s like to go through the IVF process;

You understand what it means to carry a child for IPs;

And you know what it takes to fulfill a surrogate’s purpose.

Would you be willing to go one step further?


Help as many families as possible

You offer hope to more than one family;

You continue to fulfill your purpose;

You continue to make a difference;

You serve as an example.

You become a hero—for you, for your family, and for those you have served.

Would you be willing to go one step further?

A couple looking at a sunset and holding hands. 


Omega Family Global will compensate you for every surrogate that matches with intended parents in the following manner:

$200.00 – Once the surrogate has matched with IPs

$800.00 – Once the process has passed legal clearance

Total: $1,000

How to move forward:  

1. Call someone you know would make a great surrogate.

2. Help her create her profile.

3. Become her support as she begins to fulfill her purpose with you at her side.

We are here for you, so if you need any guidance, feel free to reach out.

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