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You have the power!

Change lives; change yours!
Become a Surrogate.

Omega Family Global is
the most comprehensive surrogacy agency in the USA.

You have the power!

Change lives; Change yours!
Become a surrogate.

Omega Family Surrogates is the most comprehensive Surrogacy Agency in the USA

Bringing Family Moments to Life

Surrogacy Basics

Learn about surrogacy. Understand the need for an agency. Become familiar with the basic requirements involved in becoming a surrogate.

OF_Surrogacy Compensation
Compensation and Benefits Plan

You can earn $52,000 to $75,000, and receive additional fees depending on experience.

About Surrogacy
Family Creation Options

Let’s go through some of the choices couples have when it comes to growing their familiy.

Surrogacy Agency
The Importance of an Agency

We’re one of the best all-in-one surrogacy agencies in the country.

OF Surrogacy Family
Omega Process

10 Easy steps to become a surrogate with Omega Family.

Surrogacy Resources
Surrogate Resources

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10 Steps of the Surrogacy Journey

Surrogate Step 1
Surrogate Step 2
Surrogacy Step 4
Surrogacy Step 5
Surrogacy Step 6
Surrogacy Step 7
Surrogacy Step 8
Surrogacy Step 9
Surrogacy Step 10

What you don’t want to miss!

Omega Surrogate Stories


What is being a surrogate really like? The information that you receive from Omega Surrogate Stories helps you to fill in the blanks

Urban Legends Surrounding Surrogacy


Omega Family Surrogates has identified 3 of the most common urban legends surrounding surrogacy

Tube Twister!


Having tubes tied has nothing to do with the ability of an embryo to attach to the uterine lining and is its development

Knowing Before Giving


Why you should be a mother before becoming a surrogate. How my friend decided to become a surrogate.

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5 Reasons Surrogates Need an Agency

Surrogacy is a wonderful thing you can do for a family, but it can be complicated! Omega Family Global has created an eBook to provide prospective surrogates with the relevant information on surrogacy and the journey it entails.

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